Rose SPN

Rose was the main antagonist from "Red Meat," episode 11.17 of Supernatural.

She was played by Suki Kaiser, who later played villainess Janet Carroll on Arrow.

Rosee was a bartender at a tavern in Grangeville, Idaho, where Sam and Dean were investigating a case involving missing hikers Michelle and Corbin Tilghman, as well as another couple, with werewolves being involved. She claimed that she had never seen the missing hikers when she was shown photos of them by the Winchesters, but she provided a map to locations of cabins in a nearby park where the missing hikers could be.

Later in the episode, however, Rose was later revealed as the leader of a werewolf pack, who had killed the unnamed couple and had planned to kill the Tilghmans before two of them were killed by the Winchesters. The villainess arrived at the cabin with her werewolf bodyguard, expressing disappointment in her deceased henchmen, while also revealing that she gave them ample time to prepare for the Winchesters. She later told her bodyguard that they had to clean up their mess and leave town. On the following day, the evil Rose arrived at a ranger station with her bodyguard, having tracked Sam there. After the bodyguard entered and was killed by Sam, Rose--having heard a crash inside--went in to investigate. Shortly after entering the basement, Rose was killed by Sam with a silver knife.

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