Rose Monger
Bara Monger
- Challenged VulEagle to a sword fight, but VulShark and Vul Panther showed up. She grew big and forced them to summon Sun Vulcan Robo. Sun Vulcan tried to use Aurora Plasma Return but it did not work. Sun Vulcan retreated against her because Sun Vulcan Robo was almost out of energy. The second fight with Sun Vulcan was against VulShark and VulPanther using the Vulcan Sticks as swords. Sun Vulcan retreated again. Next she attacked some guards at a plant. Misa Arashiyama, disguised as White Rose Mask, called her out but lost. Red Rose Mask almost killed Misa but VulEagle showed up and saved her. The rest of Sun Vulcan appears and she runs away. In her final battle she fought almost evenly with Vul Eagle. She is defeated by the Sun Vulcan Ball and grows for a second time. Sun Vulcan Robo fought one-on-one before using SolarSword with Aurora Plasma Return to defeating her.
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