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Rose Robber

The Rose Robber is an antagonist from The Wiggles Movie.

He was portrayed by Paul Paddick, who also played Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog, and the Life Saver.


The rose robber seems to emotionless, but he likes to steal roses and he does not like getting arrested.


The rose robber is a human with brown hair, a white shirt with red stripes, red pants, a red robber mask and black shoes.

Due to wearing a robber mask, it is unknown what color his eyes are.


The rose robber was first seen when he was running around, stealing some roses causing Officer Beaples to scream and say "stop!". While Officer Beaples screams and yells the word "stop", the robber was tripped over Dorothy the Dinosaur's tail. After that, the robber was defeated by getting arrested by Officer Beaples.

After that, the rose robber was never seen again.

The rose robber only said one speaking line which was "I was framed!, I was FRAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMED!". Other than that, he did not really speak that much. The robber has a somewhat deep voice.



  • The Rose Robber was the first actual villain to appear in The Wiggles.
  • The rose robber was the first Wiggles character or person to go to jail.

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