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"How dare you, you just crossed the line!!"
~ Rosemary threatens revenge against her stepson and archenemy Matthew King for exposing her dark past.

Rosemary Sinclair is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale. She appears as one of the two main antagonists in 2006 (along with her former daughter-in-law Sadie King) before becoming the show's primary antagonist in 2007 and a posthumous antagonist in 2008-2009.

She was portrayed by Linda Thorson.


Rosemary Sinclair was the matriarch of the Sinclair Family who was married to her husband Raymond Sinclair. At somepoint, their marriage broke apart and Raymond committed suicide - to which Rosemary covered-up at the thought that he "may her life hell". She was also the aunty of Lord Alex Oakwell and later inherited his ownership of Oakwell Estate following his death in 1998, as well as the failure of his late business partnerships with rival businessman Steve Marchant and his wife Kim Tate respectively.

Before Raymond died, Rosemary produced their two sons Grayson and Alasdair respectively. Grayson quickly married Perdita Hyde-Sinclair, who Rosemary thought was not good enough for her son. She also discovered that Grayson was gay and that he secretly tends to have affairs with men. Sometime later in 2005, Oakwell Estate went into liquidation for reasons unknown.

In 2006, Rosemary first appeared in Emmerdale when Alasdair was set to marry his fiancé Sadie King. It becomes clear that Rosemary distrusts Sadie and attempts to bribe her in calling off the wedding to no avail. The wedding starts off well for Sadie until she later dumps Alasdair after her old family-in-law intervene. Later on, Rosemary would get revenge on Sadie by tricking her into buying a liquidated enterprise before making her believe that she ate up her own horse.

A few months later, Rosemary became acquainted with Sadie's former father-in-law Tom King. The pair ended up starting a business partnership as well as a gradual relationship to the point where Tom invited Rosemary to move into Home Farm with him. This prompted Tom's son Matthew to question Rosemary's motives, before his brothers Jimmy and Carl also began to speculate whether their father was making the right choice. Eventually, Tom proposes to Rosemary and she accepts.

Rosemary soon helps Tom overcome his business crisis following the Kings River Explosion that caused the death of local resident Dawn Woods along with two other people; the result of this sparked a feud between Dawn's father Bob Hope and Tom himself over the circumstances behind the tragedy. As such, Tom had also been kidnapped by Sadie and her partner-in-crime Cain Dingle for a £2.5 million ransom. At the same time, Rosemary made friends with Tom's closest friend Charles Vaughn from the police department and fellow entrepreneur Rodney Blackstock. She also made enemies with Tom's personal secretary Edna Birch and Cain's sister Chas Dingle. In the latter case, Rosemary supports Tom's objections to Chas' relationship with Carl and even dismisses her warnings about how Tom plans to settle their future wedding - as Tom had previously had a wedding with Cain's cousin Charity back in early 2005. However, Tom assures Rosemary that she is just as perfect for him than Charity has ever been.

In the build-up to her wedding with Tom on Christmas Day 2006, Rosemary seems to be caught out when Matthew discovers the truth behind her financial difficulties. But Tom continues to trust Rosemary by admitting that he did it for the same reason as well. The pair later get married, only for Rosemary to later discover that Tom intends to have Carl manage her business prospects instead of Grayson. This could have been a motive for Rosemary when Tom is later killed by an unknown assailant just hours after his wedding, but she nevertheless mourns his death.

Following Tom's death, Rosemary inherits his ownership of Home Farm Estates to the anger of Matthew and his brothers. This causes Matthew to suspect Rosemary behind the murder and insists that Vaughn's two detectives Grace Barraclough and her collogue Vikesh Dasari investigate her. However, Rosemary is proven to be innocent and the investigation soon points to Matthew along with his two brothers. Rosemary later plans to fully incriminate Matthew and his brothers for their father's murder to satisfy her ambitions. This involves ordering Grayson to bribe local vet Hari Prasad and his girlfriend Louise Appleton in conspiring with her plan. As the King Brothers get charged for their father's murder, she absconds the country to avoid suspicion of her plan and even requests for both Grayson and Vaughn to keep her updated on the situation; Rosemary would later learn that her plan failed after Louise gets Hari arrested for his false testimony, and the King Brothers are acquitted - even though Carl is later revealed to be the one who killed Tom all along.

Later on, Rosemary returns to the village and seeks to settle her conflict with Matthew as he and Jimmy continue to try and stop her. She later befriends Tom's old lover Carrie Nicholls, whom he previously had an affair with whilst his late wife and his son's mother Mary was dying of cancer; Mary eventually died after giving birth to her youngest son Max, who recently died from a car accident caused by his old friend Robert Sugden and his brother Andy back in 2005. Rosemary soon confides to Carrie about her plan to incriminate Matthew and his brothers, further trying to make her believe that they pose a threat to her daughter Scarlet - also Tom's secret daughter. Appearing to believe Rosemary over this, Carrie tells her that Carl killed Tom and plans to entrap them for her. However, when the King Brothers are lured into a meeting with them, Carrie reveals that she actually tricked Rosemary in admitting her plan to get the King Brothers convicted for their father's murder. This also causes Rosemary to believe that Carrie lied about Carl being the murderer. Enraged, Matthew and Jimmy stop her from leaving and watch as Rosemary falls down the stairs. Matthew contemplates on leaving her to die, but instead goes ahead with Jimmy's plan to blackmail her in relinquishing her ownership of Home Farm Estates to them. Rosemary complies and is rushed to hospital, whereupon she mends and vows revenge against the King Brothers.

Soon afterwards, Rosemary sidetracks her revenge on the Kings upon growing more unsettled with Grayson's marriage with Perdy - due to her and Perdy constantly arguing as Perdy believes that Rosemary is interfering in her personal matters. Rosemary soon resolves to destroy her marriage with Grayson by manipulating her routine to make her believe that she is going mad. This involves tricking Perdy into believing that her cat is dead and that Andy's former wife Kate Sugden, also her best-friend, is having a secret dalliance with Grayson behind her back. Rosemary then finalizes her scheme against Perdy by spiking her drink and exploiting her aspirations to become a mother. When Perdy realizes what her mother-in-law is doing, she lashes out at her and locks them both in the attic to force her to stop plotting against her. Grayson walks in on the situation, but falls into his mother's trap as Rosemary makes him believe that Perdy is really going mad. She later tricks him into getting Perdy sectioned, and Rosemary watches in satisfaction as Perdy gets sectioned in front of everyone. In order to convince Grayson that Perdy is getting worse, Rosemary turns up in their meeting under the guise of seeing how she is coping. Perdy again lashes out at Rosemary before getting dragged away, but not before warning Grayson to question his mother about his father's fate - as both Perdy and Matthew had previously learned about Rosemary covering up Raymond's suicide.

Matthew soon learns what Rosemary has done to Perdy and they join forces to expose her nature to Grayson, even though Matthew and Grayson have become archenemies in their own feud. In the meantime, Rosemary continues to discredit Perdy by making it appear that she is suicidal and sabotaging her attempt to warn the police about this. It soon becomes clear that Rosemary plans to kill Perdy by poisoning her under the guise that she is suffering from depression. However, after Grayson eventually calls Perdy's condition into question, he finally learns the extent of his mother's plan and confronts her about it. She is forced to confess the truth to Grayson and explains that she did it to protect him from Perdy, claiming that Perdy is unfit and would destroy him in a similar manner that Sadie tried to do to Alasdair. However, Grayson turns against his mother after realizing that she lied about his father's death; Rosemary admits to this and tries to make him believe that it was all his doing. Calling his mother a monster for what she did to Perdy and blaming her for everything that has happened to him, Grayson disowns Rosemary and throws her out of his home.

Afterwards, Rosemary seeks to maintain her publicity as well as seeking tenants at the B&B from Dawn's former husband Terry Woods as well as her lodger Paddy Kirk. However, she doesn't gain their trust for too long and she later crosses paths with Perdy once more in The Woolpack. Perdy thereupon exposes what Rosemary had done and tried to do to her in front of everyone. Rosemary is unable to defend her actions until her gamekeeper Zak Dingle, also Cain's father, interjects. She seems relieved at first that Zak has come to her defense, as she had been getting along with him and his daughter Belle to the point where she helped Belle in her school prospects and an incident where she implicated longtime villager Alan Turner in sabotaging a festival. However, this has also sparked a quarrel with Zak's wife and Belle's mother Lisa Dingle to the point where Lisa hits Rosemary at one stage in an argument between them. Rosemary later tries to gain Zak's further trust by revealing her opinions about Perdy, but this causes Zak to realize that Perdy was telling the truth and he too cuts his ties with Rosemary for good. In her final appearance, Rosemary encounters Grayson and tries to gain his forgiveness to no avail; Grayson orders her to leave the village for good before leaving his mother on her own.


Off-screen, Rosemary executes her plan to get revenge on Matthew - partly as in their last encounter he mocked her for losing everything, including Grayson, before threatening to finish her off unless she left the village for good. To do this, Rosemary makes herself an official missing person and systematically incriminates Matthew as the perpetuator behind it. This soon causes Grayson to believe that Matthew has done something to Rosemary and ends up accomplishing her plan by getting Matthew arrested and remanded in custody on suspicion of her murder. However, Perdy later discovers Rosemary's plan and forces Grayson to exonerate Matthew when both Jimmy and Carl find out about their brother's innocence as well. Afterwards, the police are summoned to bring Rosemary into custody; she later commits suicide on Christmas Night 2007 - exactly one year after her wedding to Tom and his death in ironic circumstances.

When Rosemary's death becomes public knowledge in the village, both Matthew and Perdy are pleased that she is dead whereas Grayson is devastated. However, trouble emerges once more when Grayson plans to have his mother buried next to Tom's grave - to which Matthew objects. On the day of Rosemary's funeral, Alasdair arrives and witnesses Grayson get into a fight with Matthew for trying to sabotage their plan to have their mother buried next to Tom. Nonetheless, the funeral is carried out as planned - though Matthew would get the last word on Rosemary by having her coffin crushed in a dump truck. This would be kept secret in the following events where Perdy leaves the village with Grayson's baby; Grayson himself getting arrested for holding the King Brothers hostage; and then Matthew eventually being killed on the day he was due to marry business partner Anna De Souza in light of the revelation that he left her father and his business rival, Donald De Souza, to die in a fatal heart attack. Following Matthew's death, his brothers lose possession of Home Farm before later finding out what he did to Rosemary's coffin. Since then and the subsequent event of Carl's murder by his love rival Cameron Murray in 2012, any remains of Rosemary's legacy seems to have quashed away for good.



  • Linda Thorson (the actress who played Rosemary King) was nominated for "Villain of the Year" at the 2007 British Soap Awards; but lost out to Kate Ford who played Tracy Barlow in Coronation Street.