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"They got their money's worth, I've helped them!".
~ Rosemary fruitlessly tries to justify her actions to Roy Cropper and Cathy Matthews after they confront her for her fraudulent activities.

Rosemary Piper is a fictional character and a noteworthy antagonist in the British ITV Soap Opera Coronation Street. She merely appeared as a minor antagonist in 2018 during the events of a storyline where she conspired with Lewis Archer, one of the show's major villains, in his plan to defraud money from his old acquaintance Gail Platt. This led to Rosemary attempting to trick Gail and her suspicious longtime friend Roy Cropper with false beliefs under their previous spouses, but was eventually exposed and jailed off-screen for her fraudulent activities.

She was played by actress Sophie Thompson, who is best known for portraying Stella Crawford in EastEnders.


Rosemary Piper first came to Weatherfield in 2018 when attempting to get a haircut at a salon owned by longtime residents Audrey Roberts and Maria Connor. She ended up shocking them by claiming that Audrey had been recommended by her late customer Mrs. Abercrombie, who passed away in a Easter incident six years ago.

When Audrey and Maria questioned her over this claim, Rosemary explained that she was a clairvoyant who can apparently connect with dead people. She soon attempted to influence the pair in believing her by testing her 'powers' on them. Although Maria was unconvinced by Rosemary's results, Audrey ended up believing Rosemary when she used Audrey's late partner Alf Roberts as an example. Audrey is soon asked by her great-granddaughter Bethany Platt about her viewpoints on Rosemary's character. In response, Audrey decided to invite Rosemary over for more sessions in order to try and reconnect with the people she loved who died in the past.

At somepoint, Audrey's daughter Gail learned about Rosemary for Maria and took the latter's advice about suspecting Rosemary as a wrongun. Gail's argument with her mother eventually prompted Audrey to invite Gail over to one of her sessions with Rosemary. In the end, Gail started to believe Rosemary after she appears to 'connected' with her late husband Brian Tilsley and mother-in-law Ivy. Soon enough, Gail's theory about Rosemary was quashed when Rosemary later started to 'connect' with Gail's other husband Richard Hillman - which horrified Gail since Richard was a villainous financial advisor and serial killer who has posthumously impacted her daughter Sarah Platt and her brothers David Platt and Nick Tilsley ever since he died. Gail attempted to move forward from Richard by trying to get Rosemary to reconnect with her other late husband Michael Rodwell, who was one of the murdered victims of his love rival Pat Phelan; however, Rosemary claimed that she cannot do that and that Richard has begun to 'complicate' things.

Later on the day Phelan gets killed by his rape victim and archenemy Anna Windass, who had earlier rescued her son Gary from Phelan's captivity, Gail started to believe that Richard has placed a curse on her family and contacts Rosemary to request for her help. Rosemary seemingly agrees to help Gail out. However, when Rosemary thereupon hangs up on the phone, it is revealed that she is secretly in cahoots with Gail's old enemy and Audrey's con-artistic former lover Lewis Archer - who has been getting Rosemary to help with his plan to defraud the Platt Family once more.

The following day, Rosemary attempts to swindle Gail once again. This time, though, they are joined by Gail's dearest friend Roy Cropper - who had grown suspicious of Rosemary ever since he has heard rumors about her character. Rosemary attempts to swindle Roy by trying to 'connect' with his late wife Hayley, but ends up leaving Roy outraged that Rosemary would try to ruin his good memory of Hayley. Eventually, Rosemary helps Lewis set his plan in motion to con a number of people in a fake presentation. Before she could succeed, however, Roy and his companion Cathy Matthews disrupt the ceremony to expose her deception.

Rosemary then begins to flee as Cathy and Roy peruse her, while Lewis reunites with both Gail and Audrey after Roy catches him out and reveals the extent of his plan - including how he got Rosemary to use the likes of Hayley and Richard to try and influence them. Eventually, Roy and Cathy stop Rosemary in her tracks before she could flee on foot. Rosemary begins to justify her actions to the point where she claims that people whom she targets want to be hoodwinked and that she helped her. Roy, though, calls her delusional as he promptly clarifies that she helped only herself for swindling vulnerable people out of their money on the basis of wicked lies. He also angrily shuns Rosemary for deliberately stopping those who lost their loved ones from moving on and destroying their most cherished of memories by making a travesty of them for profit.

After making it clear that he'll never forgive her for the way she came to inappropriate what he had with Hayley in the past, Roy tells Rosemary that he'll gladly hand her over to the police for jailtime - to which Rosemary responds by breaking down in tears as she realizes that her con scheme is over. Rosemary is later arrested off-screen and is reported to be serving time is jail. Since then, Rosemary has never been seen or mentioned again - even when Lewis later dies of a fatal stroke whilst attempting to make amends with Audrey over his recent antics with Rosemary earlier on.



  • She only appeared in 14 episodes throughout her total duration in 2018.