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Rosemary Raspberry is a minor antagonist in the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundamand and an anti-hero in Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Steel Seven. She is a mercenary hired by the Jupiter Empire.

She was voiced by Mari Maruta.


As a mercenary, Rosemary is completely willing to fight for whatever side as long as the payment as right, inculding helping the Jupiter Empire to take over Earth or fighting in a mission with slim survival chance. She greatly enjoyed fighting and thrills, as she didn't heisitae to help Tobia to fight against the Callisto siblings. She is extremely ignorant, not caring about every side's ideal. Despite this, she is willing to support her teammates when they are in danger.


Rosemary, together with Giri Gadeucca Aspis, made their first appearance during the introduction of the Death Gale team. She piloted the EMS-VSX2 Abijo, with its overwhelming speed, she was able to outmanoeuvr Kincade and allowed Giri and Barnes Gernsback to heavily damage Kincade's Crossbone Gundam X1. However, their commander, Karas ordered them to retreat when their ship was damaged by the Mother Vanguard's sail.

Later, Rosemary was sent to execute a captured Tobia with the Crossbone Gundam X2 in the arena, with the Gundam's overwhelming power, she toyed with Tobia by curshing him to the ground. However, Tobia managed to cause the hand of X2 to malfunction, firing out a dummy balloon suddenly. Tobia then rode the dummy and destroyed it, covering the X2's camera. Rosemary then opened the X2's cockpit to have a better view, only to get kicked out of the Gundam by Tobia.

Soon, the Death Gale team was sent to fight the Crossbones Vanguard again, after the Crossbone Vanguard was framed by the Jupiter Empire, they battled Kincade and eventually left him for Zabine to defeat him.

After the defeat of Crossbone Vanguard, the Death Gale team destroyed every spacefort of the Earth Federation. Eventually, Giri located the hideout of the surviving members of the space pirates. A battle between them and Tobia in his Crossbone Gundam X3 soon broke out, and Rosemary was defeated when Tobia sent Giri's Mobile Suit to her Abijo, forcing the mercenary to eject. The remaining Death Gale team soon were also defeated one by one, and they settled down on Earth during the final battle.

After the defeat of Jupiter Empire, Rosemary became a test pilot of Earth Federation's new Mobile Suit Speed King, she experienced an accident to which her Mobile Suit was stuck in a cliff. She soon became a dancer, and was recruitted by Tobia to fight the Callisto siblings, which she accepted quickly due to her love of battle and the great payment. First, she, together with Europa Dogatie sucessfully freed the Speed King when Callisto's Shadow was defeated by the combined affort of Tobia, Umon and Giri.

Later, with the Speed King, they were able to reach Jupiter Empire to fight the Callisto siblings in the Jupiter region for the last time. Rosemary promised that anyone who survived the battle could marry her. In the end, only Umon and Rosemarry survived with Tobia missing in action while other members where all killed in action. Rosemarry then married Umon, and wrote a book about the event in Steel Seven, which accroding to her, sold well.


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