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Rosie is the true main antagonist in the SteamWorld Dig 2.


SteamWorld Dig 2

Rosie ordered or planned for some Shiners to capture and use Rusty so she could power her mech.

When she found Dorothy trying to harm another shiner, she planned to use her to destroy Vectron stablizers so that her oasis could have more Moon Juice. After Dorthy and Fen found it fishy that they were locked out of the oasis, they found there way back and found that Rosie help her friend captive and the two fought until Rosie was defeated and Dorothy rescued Rusty.

Powers and Abilities

Deception: Rosie was able to trick Dorothy and Fen into destroying the four Vectron stableizers.

Machanic: Rosie was able to oparate a large mech and use Rusty to power it, the mech was able to shoot rockets, had booters, a large thist and a shield.


  • So far, Rosie is the only boss in the SteamWorld series that is a Shiner.


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