You're only my second mission, you know!
~ Rosie taunting Bond

Rosie Carver is a supporting antagonist of the James Bond film Live and Let Die. She was portrayed by Gloria Hendry.


Rosie Carver is a CIA agent sent to assist Bond in his mission. Throughout the film they work together, however, it is revealed that she is actually a minion in the employ of Dr. Kananga. Rosie is tasked with luring Bond into a trap which would lead to his death. However, Bond sees through her façade and confronts her about her involvement, holding her at gunpoint. But Rosie becomes more terrified of her boss, when she realizes he is watching her through the eyes of a scarecrow. She flees from the scene but is shot down by a gun hidden in the mouth of the scarecrow.


  • She is one of the many Bond Girls to secretly be in the employ of the villain.

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