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Ross is a character in Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up, the twenty-eighth episode of season two of The Twilight Zone.

He was portrayed by John Hoyt.


At the beginning, two state troopers are standing in the middle of a snowstorm after a woman called them to report that a flying saucer crashed nearby. The search leads them to a nearby diner, where passengers from a bus that has been stopped by a snowstorm are taking cover. Although there is no-one apart from the cook Haley, the state troopers and the people on the bus inside, the bus driver swears that there is one more person than there should be. Mr. Ross, a sceptical businessman, insists that the driver is wrong, but the driver says that he's right. As the passengers, including Ross, try to guess who the alien is, the jukebox comes on all by itself. More strange things begin happening, including sugar bowls exploding, until the snow clears and everyone except the cook leaves.

The Martian Revealed

Shortly afterwards, Ross comes back into the diner to tell Haley that the bridge wasn't safe at all and in fact collapsed, killing the bus passengers and the troopers. When Haley asks him how he lived without getting wet, Ross reveals that he doesn't know what "wet" means. He then reveals a third arm, with which he stirs his coffee and lights a cigarette. He tells Haley that the paranormal events the diner experienced and the call telling them that the bridge was safe were caused by him, as he is a Martian sent to set up a colony on Earth, and a Martian fleet is approaching. However, Haley laughs at this, saying that he's from Venus, which has already set up a colony on Earth and that Ross's fleet was intercepted and destroyed. He then removes his hat, revealing a third eye. Ross stares at Haley in shock and confusion as the episode ends. It's unknown what happened next, but it can be assumed Ross died, as Haley told him that he might not survive.

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