Rosy Pearl is the possible main antagonist of the video game Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell. She is a blue squid who is a comed

Rosy Pearl.png

ienne. Of course, she may not always be the villain, but here is a reason when she turns out to be.

If the thief's hidden item is a microphone, she is the thief. Of course, like every suspect who is revealed to be the perpetrator, Rosy denies it being hers, but when she gets bitten on the tentacle by Uncle Blenny's dogfish Old Soggy, she admits that she thought it would be a real crowd-pleaser. When she is told she was still wrong and it is selfish to please herself when it hurts other people (as having stolen the Conch had hurt the other fish, especially Uncle Blenny), she calls herself a "second-class entertainer", repents, and gives Uncle Blenny back the conch.

Although, in the background, she is patted, like anyone who turns out to be the thief in any gameplay, the narrator reveals that she was convicted for wrongful conch-napping by violating penal code 682, and is sentenced to teaching humor-impaired fish how to be funny for 4,231 hours as a public service.

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