Sick, Rott! Sick him!
~ Syd ordering Rott to attack Benji.

Rott is the secondary antagonist in the 2018 Netflix original Benji. He is Syd and Titus' manic rottweiler. However, he redeems himself when Benji defeats him and stands up to his owners. He was portrayed by himself.


Rott is a small rottweiler with black and brown fur. He has sharp fangs and has a stubby tail as well as being blind in his right eye.


After the two robbers kidnap Carter and Frankie, they take them to an abandoned house near a graveyard. When Benji arrives, Rott confronts him and chases him throughout the yard. However, Benji gets himself trapped underneath a tube and traps the other kidnappers. Benji tries to untie the children, but Syd and Rott break out and search for Benji. They find Benji under a blanket and corner him, but Benji manages to escape and flee the property to get help. He gets the authorities to help him and tries to show the kidnappers' traces, to no avail.

They escape by going into a basement filled with transport tunnels and Benji and Mongrel follow them. The children try to mark some tracks for Benji, but Syd and Rott catch them and cover the tracks. The robbers call the boat and it arrives as Titus orders Rott to guard the kids.

Benji and Mongrel arrive at the boatyard and notice Rott. Benji taunts Rott and he chases him. Benji leads him into a pond and Mongrel subdues him as Benji heads out to rescue the children. When Syd is being chased by Lyle Burton, he comes across Rott, who barks at him. Syd flees, only to find Mongrel cornering him, allowing Lyle to arrest Syd. Benji defeats Titus and he is arrested as well.

It is unknown what happened to Rott afterwards, but it can be presumed that he was adopted by Lyle, alongside Mongrel or he found a new master who cares for him.



  • "Rott" is a short word for "rottweiler".


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