Rott is the secondary antagonist in the 2018 Netflix original Benji. He is Syd and Titus' manic rottweiler.


Rott is a small rottweiler with black and brown fur. He has sharp fangs and claws. He is blind on his right eye.


As Syd taunts Carter and Frankie with their deceased father's watch, Benji arrives to rescue them and Rott chases him through the yard. Benji manages to trap the rotweiler and kidnappers. As Benji tries to untie Carter and Frankie, Syd and Rott manage to escape and corner Benji, but Benji escapes.

The next day, as Rott guards the two kids, he chases Benji through the junkyard until he falls into a pond. Mongrel subdues Rott and he reforms. As Syd is being chased by Lyle, Rott turns against Syd and Mongrel corners him until he is arrested by Lyle.

It is unknown what happened to Rott afterwards, but it can be assumed that he was adopted by Lyle alongside Mongrel.



  • "Rott" is a short word for "rottweiler".


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