Rott, Pab and Punt (also known as The Bad Boys from the Bin) are a group of bad Bin Weevils. Their plan is to take over the bin. Bigg could be the only (now former) Binweevil character to find them amusing. The villainous group split up now.

Villainous Acts

Rott, Pab and Punt has lots of plan to make their way to take over the bin. Did this 15 times' it sometimes foil by Tink and Clott. The Three must try even harder but the failure they did the harder they do. They can also prank people like Tink and Clott. Their evil plans can backfire in one episode they grew extremely tall but they keep on growing but they were shrink back to normal at the end of the episode. The episodes they appearence together were Ep.13, Ep.18, Ep. 19, Ep.20, Ep.21, Ep. 23, Ep. 24, Ep.25 and Ep.26.

Character Infomation

Rott - Kinda grouchy, dirty and grumpy. He can be in to mischief. Pab treated Rott as a great slave to him.

Pab - Insane, smart and he is the leader of the group. He can be very spolited and bossy.

Punt - Stuck up, snobby and also an golf player. Pab can sometimes called him the worst slave ever.


  • They are not longer the bad boys from the bin since Pab is now a former Bin Weevil Character. But Rott and Punt are still on Bin Weevils.