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Rott: Long time, my friend. I thought you done with the Southern Hemisphere after that thing in Belize.
Rorke: My hip still hurts when it rains. But necessity takes us where we need to be, not where we want to be. You have the package?
Rott: Of course.
~ Rott and Gabriel Rorke in the Call of Duty: Mobile comics.

Rott is a villainous playable character of the 2019 first person shooter, Call of Duty: Mobile, and the minor antagonist in the Mobile comics. he is a mercenary for hire, a local arms dealer who is working for "The Fifth Knight" the mysterious leader of the Five Knights.



Rott would become a mercenary for hire and a local arms dealer for the Five Knights alongside Vladimir Makarov, Raul Menendez, Gabriel T. Rorke, Mace, Édouard "Templar" Couteau, Cecilia "Dame" Perrin, Vagr Modir, Hidora Kai & Sebastian Krueger. Serving under the "Fifth King", Rott would help the criminal organization destroy governments and recruit other terrorist organizations.

Call of Duty: Mobile

In Panama, Rott meets The Five Knights Operators, Rorke, Vagr Modir & Hidora Kai. apparently a local arms dealer, Rosa is later assigned to go undercover to Panama to get intel from him by Captain Price. When she first meets him, Rott is dousing a supposed buyer/customer while he's tied in a chair, on fire. He asks her if she has a problem with it, to which she replies that she suddenly has a craving for bacon. Rott then states that he's a vegetarian, before making an arms deal with Rosa, which she has planned for. As they negotiate for some FHJ Launchers, Rosa attempts to haggle, But Rott shoots down the idea, telling her to accept the price he has set or leave it. She agrees to the deal and then Rott thanks her, saying it's a pleasure doing business with her. However, Later on, Rott sends Dame to look out for any intruders. Dame nearly impales Rosa with her knife when she attempts to steal the briefcase, but is gunned down. Rott and his henchmen show up, to which he comments that he thought they were at the start of a beautiful friendship. With Rosa's cover blown, she then makes haste to exfil, with Rott and his men in hot pursuit. As Rosa leaps from rooftop to rooftop, Rott suddenly blindsides her. However, when she attempts to shoot him, Rott moves out of the way but falls off into the building while Rosa hangs on to a ledge. Not willing to give up his pursuit, he then sees her having on a motorcycle after Rosa shot Rott's henchmen with her silenced pistol, deciding to pursue her on his own. As he gives chase, he exchanges fire with Rosa until it reaches a cliff where a helicopter with Ghost is waiting to pick her up. Unfortunately, Rosa successfully exfils and Rott is too late to stop her and forced to halt his pursuit.

Later on, he and Rorke are discussing some matters. Rorke scolds him for being incompetent, to which he rebukes him saying that Rorke should've been stealthy and not lead the UAC to him. Rorke shrugs off the irritation, saying that by the time they get here, he won't be anymore as he has gotten what he has needed. Just then, Templar interrupts the conversation. After a brief banter, Rott sees Templar pulling out his throwing knives, and immediately bails, claiming it's not his fight.


I am impressed, truly. Skimming from me? Trying to lie to me? That's playing with fire. But unfortunately, I like fire too.
~ Rott when burning one of the buyers tied to a chair.
Do you have a problem with this?
~ Rott to Rosa.
I am a vegetarian.
~ Rott to Rosa.
Well, not just that. But why waste good murder?
~ Rott to Rosa.
1500 per, in crypto.
~ Rott showing FHJ Launchers to Rosa.
1750, crypto. Last offer. Don't haggle, you've seen what happens when people waste my time.
~ Rott to Rosa.
Pleasure doing business with you.
~ Rott to Rosa.
And here I believed we were at the start of a most beautiful friendship.
~ Rott revealing his true colours to Rosa.
She'll head for the docks, that can't happen.
~ Rott orders his henchmen to pursue Rosa.
Do you think you can run? From me?
~ Rott when attacking Rosa.
Idiots, I'll take care of her.
~ Rott after seeing his henchmen shot by Rosa and rides on one of the motorcycles.
This is my city, little girl. Mine! There's no escaping me because I am everywhere.
~ Rott while chasing Rosa on a motorcycle by drive by shooting.
~ Rott after Rosa exfiltrated to the UAC Helicopter where Ghost is in.
And you where supposed to stealthy, not bring the UAC to my doorstep.
~ Rott to Gabriel Rorke.
Trouble in paradise.
~ Rott when seeing Templar.
Not my fight.
~ Rott after Templar pulls out his knives during The Dark Covenant ambush.





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