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Oi! You think you can chat s**t about us and we won't do nothing just 'cos our governor's banging Eggsy's mum? (Gary "Eggsy" Unwin: Pretty much, yeah.)
~ Rottweiler to Eggsy in the Black Prince pub.

Hold on, boys.
~ Rottweiler before he gets up and goes outside to see Eggsy joyriding in his car.

Rottweiler is a minor antagonist of the 2015 action-spy-comedy film Kingsman: The Secret Service. He is a member of Dean Baker's gang.

He was portrayed by Morgan Watkins.


Being a close friend of Dean's, Rottweiler and some of his gang members are seen in the Black Prince Pub during the night when Eggsy and his friends also make their appearance, but Rottweiler and his gang intimidate the kids to leave the pub at once.

However, Eggsy and his buddies are freezing in the cold, but Eggsy managed to steal Rottweiler's keys to a Yellow Subaru. Rottweiler then hears a car engine starting, goes outside to see that Eggsy and his friends have stolen his car. He calls Dean, complaining to him about the event.

The next day, Rottweiler and his gang confronted Eggsy for stealing the car and are about to beat him up, but Harry Hart (a close friend of Eggsy' father and a Kingsman agent himself) arrives to the rescue while citing the "Manners Maketh Man" quote. At that point, Harry knocks Rottweiler out with a beer mug before defeating the other gang members. After Rottweiler regains consciousness, he pulls out a revolver and start firing at Harry, only to be fended by his umbrella, and Harry knocks him out once again.

Following the deaths of Richmond Valentine and his cohorts, Eggsy paid a visit to the same pub where he announced to having bought a new home for his mother and sister away from Dean for good. Dean and his gang then confronted Eggsy for this, but Eggsy repeated the "Manners Maketh Man" quote, which made Rottweiler and the others realize that Eggsy has become a new Kingsman agent. Poodle tried to warn Dean not to mess with Eggsy, but Dean angrily shrugs him off, only to end up knocked out with a beer mug by Eggsy. It is likely that Rottweiler and the others will let Eggsy move on with his mother and sister rather than risk getting another beating from a Kingsman agent.



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