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Rough Cut is the main antagonist of the 2011 short film DC Showcase: Catwoman. He is a ruthless human trafficker of Gotham City who frequents strip clubs constantly along with his men to see strippers.

He was voiced by John DiMaggio.


Rough Cut's men are chasing a cat through the streets of Gotham City until the cat seemingly falls into the sea and one of the henchmen apparently kills it by shooting at the water repeatedly. Rough Cut arrives shortly afterwards on his car to pick up his men but not before asking them if the cat was killed. Unknown to them, the cat was saved by Catwoman, who takes his collar to see a message from his friend Holly Robinson. It turns out that Rough Cut is a human trafficker who is about to ship many young women, including Holly, away from Gotham to be sold into sexual slavery.

After calling a port employee to check if the boat will be ready to export the women, Rough Cut and his men make a stop on the Buttermilk Skye strip club and take seats in the front row to see a blonde stripper dancing. When she takes off her bra, Rough Cut lets out a little smile and gives her a small diamond for her performance. Shortly afterwards, Catwoman appears on the scene and opens her catsuit while dancing, revealing her breasts and leading Rough Cut to let out a big and perverted smile. Catwoman then disarms her men and scares all people in the club before asking Rough Cut if he is the owner of the cat's collar. Rough Cut denies it, so Catwoman asks him again. Realizing that Catwoman isn't going to let him go, Rough Cut escapes from the club while throwing seats and tables at her, which she evades.

Entering into his limo, Rough Cat leaves the club but Catwoman follows him with a motorcycle, leading Rough Cut to shoot at her with his machine gun. Rough Cut then shoots at a truck with gas balloons, knocking Catwoman off her motorcycle and causing her to be seemingly ran over by a truck. Believing that Catwoman has been killed, Rough Cut leaves the scene and goes the docks to supervise his deal. When Catwoman knocks out one of his men, Rough Cat decides to kill her once and for all and fights with her, knocking her with a car's door into an office and trying to run over her with a crane truck. Knowing that it's her opportunity to bring down Rough Cut's business, Catwoman fights with him on the truck's cabin and escapes with her whip as Rough Cut tries to strangle her, allowing the crane truck to turn around by having its hook tangled, sending a horrified Rough Cut towards the sea while also getting his contact's boat destroyed, killing him and his associates as well as ending his criminal empire for good.

Holly and the other women are then released from a crate by Catwoman. Before parting ways with Holly, Catwoman gives her some diamonds, which are none other than some of Rough Cut's broken teeth, so Holly can support herself.


  • Rough Cut is one of the bulkiest enemies Catwoman has ever faced in any medium.

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