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Roxanne "Roxy" Pellegrini is one of the longtime members of The Misfits. She is the tough-as-nails bassists of the group.

Personality and Interest

Roxy is portrayed to be the toughest member of The Misfits. She is mean to everyone, except the occasional friendly/nice child like Ba Nee (later even coming to her farewell party).

When she first met Jetta she quickly developed a disliking of her and has a habit of even badmouthing Pizzazz and Eric Raymond. Despite the fact she shares a lot of similarities with Pizzazz, they tend to argue on occasion and is shown to be closer to Stormer.

It was revealed that she is illiterate in the episode "[[w:c:jem:Roxy Rumbles|Roxy Rumbles]", when she quits the band and tries to turn her life back around before she's convinced to rejoin. This was hinted at in earlier episodes when she refused to do any reading, such as Kimber's journal.


  • She is of Italian descent.

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