What label is your T-shirt, Tracy? I know, it's Oxfam!
~ Roxanne taunts Tracy

Roxanne Green is the main antagonist in the novel The Dare Game. She is a spoiled bully from Tracy Beaker's new school.


Once Tracy changes schools, she is taunts by her new schoolmates, Roxanne and her friends, in no time. Roxanne makes fun of Tracy's unbranded clothing and calls her names, even "the B-word", as Tracy doesn't have a dad. No surprise Tracy loses control and slaps Roxanne immediately. However, the bully tells the teacher, getting Tracy into troubles.

Tracy later gets her revenge on Roxanne when she "mistakenly" splits dirty water on Roxanne's brand new DKNY T-shirt during art lesson.

The girls' next conflict leads to the dare game when the two constantly attempt to cause troubles to each other. It begins with Roxanne calling Tracy a very bad word and Tracy bets she wouldn't dare to tell it in front of the teacher. However, Roxanne dares, but she also says the teacher that Tracy wheedled her. She then orders Tracy to shoot her tongue at the teacher and she does so. It is Tracy's turn now and she tells Roxanne to enter the boy's restroom. Roxanne agrees, but then blames Tracy for pushing her inside in front of the teacher. At lunch time, Tracy has to put spaghetti on her head. She does, but when Roxanne and her friends start laughing, Tracy puts spaghetti also on Roxanne's head.

No matter whose turn for dares is, as they all end up successfully for Roxanne and Tracy is the only one who has problems with the teacher, thanks Roxanne's lies and snitching.

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