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Hey, I'm Roxanne Wolf. If you're looking for high-speed motor mayhem, Roxy Raceway is the place to be. Sign up today and be a winner! Nobody likes a loser.
~ Roxanne Wolf when the player enters Roxy Raceway.
I'm the best!
~ Roxanne Wolf's catchphrase and most famous quote.

Roxanne Wolf, also known as Roxy, is one of the three secondary antagonists (along with Montgomery Gator and Glamrock Chica) of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. She is an animatronic wolf who was brainwashed by Vanny into killing a young boy named Gregory.

She is voiced by Marta Svetek, whom also voiced Vanny in the same game.


Roxanne appears to be an animatronic wolf with grey skin and long grey hair. She has bright yellow eyes, purple lipstick, green fingernails while her toenails are purple. She wears a red crop top with black stars that exposes her stomach, earring, bracelets on her wrist and neck, a spiked belt, and a red pelvis. She also wears some red shoulder pauldrons, with the right pauldron having half of a star on it.

After being broken from being hit with a cart, her eyes are both missing (Due to Gregory stealing them) with black wires poking out of them, her hair becomes more messy, and her chest is shown to be mostly exposed, while her tail is severely damaged with the endoskeleton tail exposed. She also has scars on her left leg, both of her arms, her left pauldron slightly popped out, her ears being also damaged, and half of her left arm exposing her endoskeleton arm.


Roxanne is shown to have a superiority complex as shown when complementing herself in front of a mirror, and in some of her dialogue. When looking for Gregory however, she is shown to be taunting and emotionally abusing Gregory by telling him that he has no friends and that no one would care or miss him. Due to her AI being advanced enough to have human-level intelligence, Roxanne developed self-esteem problems and is likely projecting her own insecurities onto Gregory when she mocks him.

She tries to reassure herself in the mirror and tries to remind herself that she can catch Gregory because she's the best, but breaks down in tears in private. When she is disfigured by the race car, she loses her composure and sobs in anguish over her appearance being destroyed, while trying to pounce on Gregory in a berserk rage.


Roxanne Wolf was an animatronic created as one of the four mascots of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex, with her serving as the mascot for Roxy's Raceway. One night, a child named Gregory ended up trapped in the Pizzaplex just as it was about to close, while Vanny reprogrammed Roxanne and her fellow Glamrocks to chase Gregory around the Pizzaplex and kill him, but Glamrock Freddy was left untouched and tried to help Gregory to escape the building.

In the Roxy's Raceway section, Gregory planned to decommission Roxanne by confronting her in her titular raceway, by obtaining a head from the Head Deposit and attaching it to the driver assist bot. Gregory drove the car through the race track, but Roxy took it as her moment to pounce down to ambush him, only to land right in front of the kart. Gregory instinctively leapt out, but the car flew right into Roxy's face, leaving her severely damaged. Taking the opportunity, Gregory took the stunned Roxy's eyes and left, but she broke free and began to chase Gregory in a blind rage while crying from her face being disfigured.

During her boss battle, the player must lead Roxanne across the boarded-up doors within the management rooms in the raceway. Every time Roxanne nears Gregory, she will attempt to leap towards him in order to kill him, but by dodging her before she pounces she can break through the boarded doors. After reaching a room burning with flames, Roxy will attempt to corner Gregory, but by breaking into the vent he can escape from Roxy.

Upon returning to Parts and Service, Gregory upgraded Glamrock Freddy by replacing his eyes with Roxy's. He was ecstatic to see with Roxy's eyes, but Gregory wondered about Roxy's vision out loud. Feeling horrified toward his friend, Glamrock Freddy asked if Roxy was alright and Gregory tried to change the subject to placate him.

If Gregory goes down the Old Elevator to the underground pizzeria where he confronts Burntrap and Glitchtrap, Roxanne is revealed to have survived albeit with her face still destroyed. She can be warded off by hiding inside Glamrock Freddy and using Glamrock Chica's voicebox to disorient her into leaving, as the doors will not hold her. Should Glamrock Freddy be inside one of the recharging stations, she will chase Gregory around the office while making it harder for him to defeat Burntrap.

In the Canon Ending and Unmasked Ending, Roxanne likely got destroyed as Gregory and Glamrock Freddy burned the Pizzaplex to the ground. But since she is not directly seen in any of the endings, Roxanne's ultimate fate is unknown. However, it's possible she could return in the upcoming Ruin DLC, as Chica was seen in the teaser poster



Your performance was PERFECT tonight! Thank you. Your hair is beautiful. Your tail is beautiful. Everyone was watching you. Everyone loves you. Everyone wants to BE you. You are the best. Thank you... I am the best! I. Am. The best.
~ Roxy talking to herself in the mirror at the beginning of the game.
Your fans are watching you right now. I know.
~ Roxanne Wolf talking to herself
It's not your fault; that kid's just lucky. We should have found him by now! It's not fair! He MUST be cheating... Who's there!? ...It's nothing, don't get distracted! Don't be a loser, GET BACK OUT THERE!
~ Roxy talking to herself again.
Freddy, get out of my room!
~ Roxy if the player enters her room while inside Freddy.
Roxy Raceway is closed for seasonal maintenance - come back soon!
~ Roxy informing guests that her attraction is closed.

While hunting the player

Hey kid, come on out. We're only trying to help.
~ Roxanne Wolf
Do you really think we won't find you?
~ Roxanne Wolf
Are you lost?
~ Roxanne Wolf
I can help...
~ Roxanne Wolf
Are you hungry?
~ Roxanne Wolf
I know you're there.
~ Roxanne Wolf
I bet I'm your favorite?
~ Roxanne Wolf
Don't be scared...
~ Roxanne Wolf
Want an autograph?
~ Roxanne Wolf
I heard that.
~ Roxanne Wolf
Keep looking. He can't hide forever.
~ Roxanne Wolf
You're the best. You WILL find him first.
~ Roxanne Wolf
There's nowhere to hide.
~ Roxanne Wolf
Give up - you can't win.
~ Roxanne Wolf
Nobody will miss you...
~ Roxanne Wolf
I bet you don't even HAVE friends...
~ Roxanne Wolf
You might as well give up.
~ Roxanne Wolf
Sneak away, little coward.
~ Roxanne Wolf
I found him!
~ Roxanne Wolf
~ Roxanne Wolf
~ Roxanne Wolf
You are nothing!
~ Roxanne Wolf


I'm not a loser!
~ Roxanne Wolf
My hair is ruined!
~ Roxanne Wolf
Why? WHY?!
~ Roxanne Wolf
I am still beautiful...
~ Roxanne Wolf
Everyone still loves me... right?
~ Roxanne Wolf
I just need a little work done...
~ Roxanne Wolf
I can't see you, but I can hear you!
~ Roxanne Wolf
I can still hear you...
~ Roxanne Wolf
I hear you...
~ Roxanne Wolf
~ Roxanne Wolf
Why are you hiding from me?
~ Roxanne Wolf


  • She's the seventh animatronic in the games to have hair in her design (after Balloon Boy and his two counterparts, JJ, Circus Baby and Ballora) and the very first one to not be a humanoid.
    • Additionally, judging from the movement of her mane and how it gets ruined after she gets damaged, she's possibly the very first animatronic in the series to have her hair made out of fur rather than metal or plastic.
  • It's possible that her name being shortened to Roxy is a nod to Foxy the Pirate, the original animatronic she's apparently the counterpart of.
  • It's unknown why she's unable to detect Gregory when he's hiding inside of Glamrock Freddy, despite her eyes being able to see through walls.
  • Monty's Gator Golf area features a cardboard figure of her angrily smashing her golf club against the ground.
  • For some reason, one of the security offices in the game has a framed picture of Roxanne on a desk. This could mean Roxanne has adult fans in-universe who find her attractive.
  • While pursuing Gregory, she will sometimes be heard sniffing to find him. As she's a robot, it's uncertain whether she really has the ability to smell or acts like she does because she was programmed with the personality of an anthropomorphic wolf.
  • Due to having similar designs and abrasive personalities, fans often compare her to Loona from the webseries Helluva Boss.
  • Many are comparing Roxanne to Clawdeen Wolf appearance from the popular doll line “Monster High” both wolves even have multiple ear piercings, theme colors are purple, green and red, and tiger stripes on their fashion.

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