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Villain Overview
Tell me... tell me why he picked you!
~ Roxas' envy towards Sora.
What are you talking about? I am me! Nobody else!
~ Roxas to Riku.
I think I understand. I see myself the way you remember me, and you see yourself the way I remember you.
~ Roxas

Roxas is an anti-villain and a major character from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. He serves as a background antagonist in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the main villain protagonist of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, a major antagonist-turned-anti-hero of Kingdom Hearts II, and a posthumous protagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Coded and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and a supporting protagonist in Kingdom Hearts III. He is the Nobody of Sora and a former member of Organization XIII.

He was voiced by Jesse McCartney in the English version, and Kouki Uchiyama in the Japanese version, both of whom also voiced Ventus.


Roxas is generally affable and kind, but only really to close allies and friends. At his core he is friendly and cheerful, but vulnerable and tragic. This leads him to become wrathful, violent, and bitter towards many others, and especially cruel towards enemies. He is often confused as to what the right thing is to do or what he means to the world, leading him to become aggressive and even arrogant. Despite all of this, he is shown to truly be brave and kind.

Powers and Abilities


Roxas is capable of enduring a massive amount of damage and fighting for extended periods of time without tiring. While he can use Cure magic and items to restore health, he mainly battles offensively and focuses more on downing his opponent than protecting himself.

Swordsmanship/Keyblade Wielding

Oathkeeper & Oblivion KHII

Oathkeeper and Oblivion

As Sora's heart is connected with that of Ventus, and both of them are Keyblade wielders, Roxas has the ability to duel wield Keyblades. The Keyblades he uses are Oathkeeper (a representation of Sora's connection to Kairi) and Oblivion (a representation of Sora's connection to Riku). He wields these Keyblades with dangerous proficiency, and is able to use many different attacks with them, including spinning, ground, and aerial.


Like other Keyblade wielders, Roxas has the ability to utilize Drives and Gears to change into more powerful forms, granting him boosted abilities and increases to speed, strength, and weaponry. Limits allow him to perform a series of combination attacks that incorporate magic, resulting in vastly powerful offensive movesets.


Roxas has the ability to perform many types of magic. He is most proficient in and mainly chooses light magic, allowing him light-based projectiles, beams, and blows. He also uses many elemental spells, utilizing fire, ice, lightning, gravity, wind, and more in offensive and defensive ways. Using Cure spells he can restore lost health, and can restore health and magic using items such as potions, elixirs, ethers, etc. He is capable of using dark magic as well, but is not as skilled and does not use it often, with dark magic being one of his main weaknesses.


Roxas is capable of prolonged gliding and even flight in extreme situations. He can run up the side of buildings and effortlessly jump long or high distances.


I dunno. I can't... just look inside. But I figure... if there is something in there—inside us— then we'd feel it, wouldn't we?
~ Roxas to Axel.
Yeah. Have to hang onto something, right? It's not like I have memories from before the Organization. Don't you remember? I acted like a zombie.
~ Roxas
Why did the Keyblade choose me?... I have to know.
~ Roxas
Sora, Sora, Sora! Enough about Sora!
~ Roxas' rage.
I'm going to set Kingdom Hearts free! Then everything can go back to the way it was!
~ Roxas
How many times do I have to beat you?
~ Roxas to Riku.
Another dream about him...
~ Roxas after dreaming about Sora.
Suddenly, I feel like I don't know myself at all.
~ Roxas
I hate you so much...
~ Roxas to DiZ.
You make a good other.
~ Roxas accepting Sora (also his redemption).
Sora, you're lucky. It looks like my summer vacation is... over.
~ Roxas' last words before rejoining with Sora.

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