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Roxanne "Roxy Rocket" Sutton is a villain from DC Comics.


Roxy was a former stunt woman for movies, however she constantly made the stunts more dangerous than necessary. Eventually, no company would insure her, and she was forced to quit. Still craving the thrill of her death defying stunts, she turned to a life of crime, using her skills to pull off daring robberies. She eventually went to Gotham City, where she met her match in Batman.


Roxy is a pure adrenaline junkie, performing her stunts for the pure thrill of it. No matter what situation she is in, she always tries to put herself in a life threatening situation. To her, the threat of death is the ultimate thrill. Her recklessness, however, puts her at odds with friend and foe alike.


Roxy possesses a skill set to aid her in her daredevil lifestyle, such as acrobatics and mechanic skills.


Roxy's most notable piece of equipment is the rocket she uses to make her extravagant getaways.

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