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Roy Anderson is a major antagonist in the NBC comedy series The Office. He acts as a supporting character in the series initial two seasons and then acts as the main antagonist in the third season.

He is portrayed by David Denman.


He was a warehouse worker at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin where he was a close friend of foreman Daryl Philbin and fiancee of one of the series protagonists, Pam Beesley whom he neglected.

Roy was overall a crude, rude and brash man with a jealous streak. He still maintained ties with the office workers. It is later in the series when Roy becomes increasingly jealous of Jim Halpert, and after learning Jim and Pam shared a passionate moment, loses it and trashes the bar after Pam breaks their relationship off. He attacks Jim the next day, but is saved by on and off co-worker Dwight Schrute and is fired. 


Roy was a crude man who often neglected Pam and did not share her interests at all. He grew jealous of Jim as he returned her feelings for him. This led to his downward spiral which resulted in him trashing a bar out of anger and later attacking the source of his aggression, Jim. 

Later, he seemingly grows up when he marries another girl.


Roy was a seemingly strong man. If he was successful in his attack of Jim, it would have resulted in him either being rushed to the hospital or at the very worst, nearly killed him.


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