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I already got a plan. They think I'm a monster. I'll show them the real monsters! We'll unleash our feral brethren on them; all those bigoted sons-of-bitches will get torn apart. Trouble is getting past the damn subway access door! You see, there's some kind of escape door that leads from the Tenpenny basement to the subway tunnels. There must be some way to get that open.
~ Roy Phillips revealing his intentions in slaughtering the residents within the Tenpenny Towers

Roy Phillips is the antagonistic leader of a band of feral ghouls (and two non-feral ghouls besides himself) appearing in Fallout 3.

He was voiced by Mike Rosson.



Phillips was apparently a cop in the time prior to the Great War but was transformed into a ghoul as the result of it. In the current time of Fallout 3, Phillips is the leader of a group of ghouls residing in the ruined Warrington Station. Seemingly wanting a better life for himself and the others (particularly his non-feral ghoul girlfriend Bessie Lynn who desires to live a normal life again), Phillips has attempted to make residence in the prestigious Tenpenny Tower. His efforts are shot down due to the prejudice of the residents against the "worthless zombies" they see the ghouls as.

Tenpenny Tower

Phillips appears in the Fallout 3 sidequest "Tenpenny Tower" wherein he attempts to recruit the Lone Wanderer (the protagonist) to help him in gaining access for him and his ghouls.

He has a particular hatred of Allistair Tenpenny and is quite crude. He also demonstrates an incredible prejudice towards humans in general due to the discrimination he has experienced. If called out for his actions and desire to kill not being too different than that of Tenpenny or the other Tower residents, Phillips simply threatens and tells the Lone Wander to "screw themselves".

Should the Lone Wanderer side with Phillips' group, there are two methods to obtain entry for them in the Tower. The first is simply opening up the basement area which will result in the feral ghouls invading the Tower (and cause Karma loss). The other method, which will grant Karma, involves talking to several of the Tower's residents and convincing them to permit the ghouls entry to live peacefully. Phillips accepts this and moves in. However, a while later, Phillips leads his band of ghouls to brutally murder every one of the residents, including Tenpenny and Herbert Dashwood, the one affable resident who did not share the anti-ghoul prejudice.

When the job is completed, Phillips takes over as the new head, robs their bodies of their valuables and piles the bodies in the basement, then rules the tower. If confronted, Phillips will threaten to add the Lone Wanderer's body to the pile.


  • If the Lone Wanderer helps Phillips and the others overtake Tenpenny Towers but not yet detonated the bomb in Megaton, Mr. Burke will appear to continue his mission even with Tenpenny dead. Phillips then makes Burke his right-hand man out of fear and favor of destroying Megaton.
  • Despite the character's malicious intent and the horrific outcome of the "Good Karma" method of handling the sidequest, Phillips is deemed a "good" character in-game and killing him will result in Karma loss. Three Dog, who comments on the player character's progress, will also criticize them should the former be killed, considering it a horrible act of prejudice. Once learning of Roy Phillips' actions though, Three Dog will then criticize the ghoul.
    • It is possible Roy having good karma is meant to make his villainous actions a surprise. Though this doesn't quite explain why he still has good karma after massacring everyone in Tenpenny Tower.
  • Although John Henry Eden is the main antagonist in Fallout 3, Roy's heinous actions exceed that of Eden's, as he led the ghouls to massacre the residents within the Tenpenny Towers. Furthermore, unlike Eden, Roy lacked any form of redemption. Eden is an extremist who genuinely believes what he is doing is for the greater good and is too ignorant and ill-suited to understand the severity of the effects of nuclear radiation while Roy uses his hatred of someone who genuinely deserves his wrath (Tenpenny) to massacre dozens of innocents to "justify" his sadistic homicidal tendencies to his followers.

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