Selfless citizens with hearts and minds fixed on the glory of Kyrat. The cruel and bloodthirsty Golden Path forced them to take up arms against their countrymen and women. Join today and do your part for Kyrat.
~ In-game description.

Royal Army are the main antagonistic forces within Far Cry 4, it is the armed forces of Southern Kyrat and its led by Pagan Min.

It had a elite branch, called Royal Guard, which are stationed in Northern Kyrat.


During the campaign of Far Cry 4, the royal army was in conflict with Golden Path, the Kyrati resistance army led by Amita and Sabal, who were after Paul De Pleur, the governor of the south. They carried out all the works for Min, which included drug producing and slavery.

Despite the army were said to be loyal to Min, according to some of the soldiers' conversations, they were actually willing to join Golden Path, but that never happens.


The Royal Army and Royal Guard are both compared to Vaas' pirates and Hoyt's Privateers in Far Cry 3, by their weaponry and combat tactics.

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