Royce Axelrod

Royce Axelrod is a juvenile delinquent who became a Bang Baby villain in Static Shock. He was known to cause trouble in school and even shoplift. One day, he and his friend Frankie stole a briefcase from an agent working for Alva Industries on a train. In the briefcase, they found vials of the Quantum Vapor gas and decided that it could help them make money. Royce hid the vials in his locker; when Frankie asked if that was safe, Royce explained that he couldn't keep them at home, because his mother looks for stuff that don't belong to him after his shoplifting scheme.

Royce and Frankie looked up the Quantum Vapor vials on the computer and found out about its identity and power. Frankie was reluctant to use it but Royce eagerly wanted to use it, recounting what the Vapor gas did to Hotstreak. When he opened a vial, Royce smelled some of the gas. He grew in size at first but became a purple monster with superhuman strength when he was taking a test. Royce caused damage at the school and ignored Static's help. He was defeated by Static and police officers Jessup and Garcia.


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