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I have a reputation to uphold. If word got out that two bounty hunters killed MY men, shot up MY property, and kidnapped MY son, all without consequence, that would most certainly be a sign of weakness. Which is why I am personally going to bash your skulls open and feed you to my dogs.
~ Ruben Lozano's threat to Locus and Felix

Ruben Lozano is the main antagonist of Locus and Felix's story arc in Red vs. Blue: Season 14. He is a wealthy criminal and the father of Gabriel Lozano.



At some point in his career, Ruben had a son named Gabriel, whom he put in charge of one of his nightclubs, Amnesia. He had a GPS chip installed in his son's neck to keep tabs on him.


The night his son was abducted, Ruben received a call from Felix with the ransom demand. Ruben, however, disregarded his threats, calling Felix an idiot and his son "the worst thing he ever brought into this world". When Felix tries to call his bluff, Ruben turns the tables on them by admitting he knows Locus and Felix's identities (but not Siris, as he was not inside the nightclub at the time of the abduction), as well as their current location. Ruben then threatens to go after their own loved ones should the two try to escape. After ignoring Siris's pleas to take his son back without a ransom demand, Ruben gathered some of his thugs and went to the quarry to kill Locus and Felix.

Felix attempts one last time to negotiate with Ruben, to no avail. However, to Ruben's surprise, Locus and Felix begin killing off Ruben's thugs, forcing Ruben to come out himself. Siris closes in on him when Ruben gets the upper hand, only to be shot multiple times by Locus and Felix. Siris stands over the dying Ruben telling him he shouldn't have brought family into it. Ruben's final words are, " did first..." before dying, implying he at least had some concern for his son despite what he previously said about him.


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