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Kill yourself, and we can be together forever.
~ Ruby entreating her girlfriend Scarlett Winslow to kill herself.

Ruby McDaniel is one of the main protagonists in American Horror Stories, appearing as the deuteragonist in the second part of "Rubber(Wo)man", and the main antagonist of the episode "Game Over".

She is a ghost who resides in the legendary "Murder House" who falls in love with one of its new residents, Scarlett Winslow, and begins committing murders with her.

She was portrayed by Kaia Gerber.


Early life

When Ruby was six years old, she was told that her parents had been killed in a car accident. She was adopted by her uncle, Tony Peterson, a pedophile who subjected her to years of physical and sexual abuse.

When Ruby was a teenager, she found out that her parents were still alive and Tony was not her uncle; her parents had simply sold her to him because they did not want the responsibility of raising a child. She is devastated by this revelation, and is so filled with rage that she comes to hate everyone in the world - herself most of all. She traveled to Los Angeles, home of the fabled "Murder House", and decides to commit suicide there, hoping that it would make the news.

She commits suicide in the house by slitting her wrists, but finds that her spirit is trapped inside the house; her body, meanwhile, is buried in the backyard by a realtor trying to sell the house.

American Horror Stories

Ruby first meets Scarlett Winslow, the teenage daughter of the house's new owners, while chasing another ghost, Gladys, through the basement. Ruby and Scarlett both stab the ghost to "death", and instantly bond over their shared bloodlust, and they soon fall in love.

Ruby's love is a jealous, possessive one, however, and she frequently asks a reluctant Scarlett to kill herself in the house so they can be together forever. Ruby ultimately kills Scarlett's parents, Michael and Troy, to keep their spirits, and thus, Scarlett bound to the house.

Meanwhile, Ruby defends Scarlett against the ghosts of four school bullies she had murdered after they humiliated her. While out with Scarlett on Halloween, the one night a year that the house's spirits can be in the outside world, they are continually harassed by the dead bullies, who are determined to kill Scarlett outside of the house so her spirit can never go inside again. Ruby and Scarlett also run into Scarlett's former friend Shanti, who confronts them about killing the bullies and tells Ruby that, if she truly cares for Scarlett, she will set her free.

Ruby goes in a haunted house and amuses herself by torturing and "killing" a few of her fellow ghosts. Suddenly the bullies attack once again, and Ruby tells Scarlett to run. Ruby later walks her home, and Scarlett pleads with her to let her go. Finally seeing that Scarlett is better off without her, Ruby agrees, and even gets the undead bullies to leave Scarlett alone by promising to take the blame for their murders. She and Scarlett then bid a tearful goodbye as Scarlett goes out into the world.

Ten months later, Ruby is living harmoniously with the house's other spirits, even Michael and Troy, Scarlett comes home from college, and shares exciting news she has found Tony, and is planning to kill him as painfully as possible. After she does so, she and Ruby go out on Halloween to spend the evening together.

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