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Rudiger is a minor antagonist in Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1: Zer0 Sum.


Rudiger is an angry bandit that has a deep hatred for the hyperion corporation since they destroyed the lives of the people in pandora. When he first meet Rhys and Vaughn he was rather rude before he even know they were involved with the hyperion corporation. Once he figured out Rhys and Vaughn were a part of the hyperion corporation he ordered his gang to attack and steal their money.

Just like every bandit in borderlands during battle Rudiger is a ruthless.p and Merciless fighter he is willing to do anything to kill the person he is in battle with.

During the fight he stole Rhys and Vaughn car and the suitcase that Vaughn was handcuffed to driving away unaware that Vaughn is being dragged on the rod, the loader bot catches up to him and tosses him outside of the car onto a building, where Rhys confronts him in battle shocks him with a stun baton sending Rudiger flying into the sign knocking him out

In ep5 if you choose Athena to accompany you , it’s revealed rudiger survives his assault and he has Athena in his amploy as his cook and server if they bring Athena then his face is burned by Athena.


  • Depending on your dialog choices he can have two different names one being "Rudiger" or "grease face"
  • He is the first enemy that Rhys encounters in borderlands.
  • He is the first named character to die.
  • On his free time he cooks skag meet and sells it. 
  • He hates being called "Grease face"


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