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Oh, no! A Ruffian is on the way. They are experts in spiteful, destructive behavior. Find a way to get rid of him quickly before you regret it.
~ Professor Pester telling the player to find a way to get rid of a Ruffian before the player regrets it.

The Ruffians are the four minions of Professor Pester and the secondary antagonists in the Viva Piñata franchise.


In the game series, the Ruffians are known to rampage the garden, coughing up toxic candies that are downright poisonous for a piñata to eat, opening gates and destroying fences due to their destructive behavior, starting fights with piñatas due to the fact that they are dangerous enemies toward the piñatas, and damaging ponds by filling them in due to their destructive behavior as well. They will not leave until they finish causing chaos or one of their actions is preformed unless they are bribed with Chocolate Coins, otherwise a Barkbark with a Spiked Collar or a Captain's Cutlass scares them away. A Mallowolf can also scare them away with its howl. A Smelba can scare them as well. Despite their violent and aggressive behavior, they may also have a particularly strong feeling of tenderness for Helpers. If a helper is stuck for too long, they will release the helper and flee with them.

In the TV series, he reveals that he originally started out with five Ruffians, and one of the Ruffians fell into the pot that he was just using to create his Sour piñatas and the deceased Ruffian was in the pot, which only left an angry red mask in it. However, the action seemed to be impossible because the Sours were a failed experiment for him so he could not even control them.

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