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Rufus is a minor villain in Octopath Traveler, being the main antagonist of the second chapter in Primrose's story. One of the Obsidians and one of the assassin's of Primrose's father, he has control over a large prositution ring. 


The mastermind behind the Obsidian Parlor, Rufus' mainly gets women from across the land, which he then sells as sex slaves. He keeps a few of these trafficked humans himself. Arianna, one of his victims, gives Primrose his location, a mansion. Getting inside in secret, Primrose finds and defeats Rufus. Before his death, Rufus tells Primrose to go to Noblecourt to find the truth. 


Rufus is a well-built man with blond hair, tanned skin, and with a tatoo of a crow on his left arm. He wears a black sleeveless coat, two belts, black pants, and brown boots.

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