Rufus is a minor antagonist in Octopath Traveler, being the main antagonist of the second chapter in Primrose's story. One of the Obsidians and one of the assassins of Primrose's father, he has control over a large prostitution ring. 


Ten years before the events of the game, Rufus, alongisde Simeon and Albus killed Geoffrey Azelhart after he had found out about their plans to release Galdera from his imprisonment. After that, Rufus went back his stronghold in the village of Stillsnow, from where he would manage his own prostitution ring. He would visit the tavern in Sunshade from time to time.

During the events of the game, in one of his visits, he was spotted by Primrose, daughter of Geoffrey, who had been working in the tavern as a dancer hoping to find him and get revenge. Rufus talked to Helgenish, the owner of the tavern, and gave him a map leading to his home so he could do business with him in the future. However, Primrose killed Helgenish right after that and took the map for herself.

Back in Stillsnow, Rufus was encountered by Primrose, who had snuck into his home with the assistance of Arianna, one of Rufus' sex workers and formerly a servant of Geoffrey. Rufus faces Primrose but ends up defeated. With his last breath, Rufus tells her to go back to her hometown, Noblecourt, to find the truth about her father's death.


Rufus is a well-built man with blond hair, tanned skin, and with a tattoo of a crow on his left arm. He wears a black sleeveless coat, two belts, black pants, and brown boots.

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