You know they would be sentenced and being free after ten years. So, Mr. Hailey, do you think should we free a rapist after ten years. Should we free a murderer after ten years. Look at Carl Lee Hailey So do you think they deserved to die.
~ Rufus Buckley

Rufus Buckley is one of the two main antagonists of the 1996 film A Time to Kill (the other being Freddie Lee Cobb). He is a District Attorney who investigated the Case of Carl Lee Hailey; he's against Brigance for the case. He feared losing the case if some jury members were African-American, but was happy when he saw they were all white. He did not want to hear people talking about the rape, rather he was only interested in the murder of two white males. Every time he tries to put Jake Brigance down during the case by trying to convince the jury the convicted murderer Carl Lee Hailey is guilty.

When he asked Carl about the sentence the two victims could have had if they are still alive after ten years of prison and being free after, but he is also tries to provoke Carl for answering if he think they we're deserving to died Carl shouted "Yes, they deserved to die and, I hope they burned in hell!" which made the crowd shout because Buckley got what he wanted Carl to say in order to win the case.

In the closing argument, Buckley tries one last time to convice the jury members to put Carl on death row, but when he see Brigance saying to the jury members to close their eyes for the story of a raped little girl and see him said to them to imagine if she's was white that's made the jury members see the light and Buckley loses the case, but after the trial Buckley congratulates Brigance for winning the case. 

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