Prepare to bow down before me, mortals!
~ Rufus Zeno

Rufus Zeno is a villain in the series "House of Anubis" on Nickolodeon. The show lasted three seasons and had one made-for-TV movie. Rufus was in the first two seasons.


Not much is known about his past. He was born in 1915, the same year as Victor and Sarah Frobisher-Smythe, daughter of Robert Frobisher-Smythe and Rufus' adopted sister. Victor and Rufus kept themselves young because they drank the elixir of life, while Sarah died at the age of 95. Victor is his archenemy,Vera Devenish is his employee.


Rufus is a man who is obsessed with immortality and power. Unlike Victor, who will not knowingly hurt anyone to achieve immortality, Rufus will resort to anything. In the show, he has kidnapped people and stolen precious items in order to achieve his goals. He is a madman and is inarguably insane.

Season 1

When we first see Rufus, he is a mysterious figure that appears to be stalking one of the main characters, Patricia Williamson. When he introduces himself to Patricia as a private investigator named Renee Zeldman, she begins to trust him as an ally to help her find her missing friend, Joy Mercer. However, Rufus is quickly revealed as a bad guy when he kidnaps Patricia. Later in the Season, Rufus bribes one of Patricia's friends, Jerome Clarke, in order to have young Jerome spy on Patricia and some other teenagers who are trying to build an immortality-granting cup. Jerome, feeling guilty for betraying his friends and scared because Rufus has been threatening him, betrays him. In the Season 1 finale, Rufus is tricked into believing he is immortal and leaves...possibly for good.

Season 2

A mysterious figure known only as the Collector shows up in Season 2. This is later revealed to be Rufus. He still believes that he is immortal, but now wants to become a God. He employs Vera Devenish and Jasper Choudhary to help him achieve this goal. At one point, he kidnaps Jerome. He refers to Jerome as "a valuable pawn" and clearly enjoys extracting his revenge on the scared teenager for betraying him in Season 1. Jerome is saved when Rufus, overcome with greed for godly powers, foolishly puts on a cursed mask that banished him to a fiery pit of Death. 


  • "Prepare to bow down before me, mortals!"
  • "I'm his uncle... Uncle Renee Zeldman."
  • "That boy is going to die. And I will live forever!"
  • "Very observant."
  • "Yes, listen to the old man, child!"
  • "Sit down and shut up, all of you!"
  • "You little fool."
  • "Yes, but is it protecting good, or evil?"
  • "Look, do it, and you will be well rewarded, I promise you that. But if you don't do it...I think you already know what I am capable of."
  • "Have you forgotten me already, Jasper?"




  • He is very dangerous.
  • When disguised as the Collector, he hid his identity with a voice changer, masquerade mask, and a velvet robe.
  • He has escaped death multiple times.
  • He, Sarah, and Victor knew each other since they were kids.
  • He, Sarah, Victor were all born in 1915.
  • He has feelings for Vera, yet that doesn't stop him from threatening her.
  • He was once in the Secret Society of Anubis House, but later betrayed it.
  • He was very hard to defeat.
  • He was willing to kill Vera if she didn't get him the Mask of Anubis.
  • When he put in the Mask of Anubis, a ghost named Senkhara possessed him.
  • He was sucked into the Egyptian underworld after he put on the mask, evidently dying with Senkhara.
  • If his demise follows classic Egyptian mythology, he would not have gone straight to hell, as there is no hell and he would cease to exist, he is completely wiped from existence itself, along with Senkhara.
  • Roger Barclay (actor who plays Rufus) announced he would not be coming back to the show in Season 3.
  • He, Sarah, and Victor were "business partners", shown in Season 1.
  • His adopted sister is Sarah Frobisher-Smythe.
  • It is shown that his Astrological Sign is Sagittarius.
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