Ruggan Bor

Ruggan Bor is an anthropomorphic fox one of the major villains in the Redwall book, Taggerung.

After Gruven Zann and his cronies left their Juska tribe in quet after the deserting otter Tagg, a mysterious, golden-furred fox named Ruggan Bor came and combined their tribe with his own, killing Gruven's ambitious mother, Antigra. When Gruven returned to the Juska, he was made a prisoner by his new chieftain, despite his claims that he was in fact, a mighty Taggerung warrior, because he had killed the last Taggerung (which was a lie). Ruggan, who was an impressive and virtually emotionless warlord, did not believe the cowardly stoat, especially after his tribe found one of Gruven's former comrades lost in a swamp, who told Ruggan Bor the truth about the whole mission. Bor then knew for certain the Gruven was lying, but he decided to test it out by going to Redwall, where the otter Taggerung was now living.

When the Juskabor reached Redwall, Tagg, now renamed Deyna, came out and met them, declaring that the Taggerung was indeed dead. Gruven then insisted that he was the new Taggerung, but Ruggan promptley ended his titleship by beheading in the power-crazed stoat with his sabre, and making himself Taggerung. Ruggan and his vermin attempted to take Redwall, but were stopped when the Badger Lord Russano and his Long Patrol hares came while on their way to Redwall. Not wanting to face a powerful Badger Lord in combat, Ruggan honerably and fearfully laid down his sabre, and he and his tribe were sent shamefully away.

Ruggan Bor is one of the few major villains in the Redwall series to have survived through his respective book.


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