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Let's see you survive this, plumber boy!
~ Bowser, as the Ruined Dragon uses electricity to shoot down the Odyssey.
~ The Ruined Dragon

The Ruined Dragon, also known as the Lord of Lightning, is the boss of the Ruined Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. He makes his first appearance enroute to the Bowser Kingdom. His boss, Bowser, tells him to shoot down the Odyssey with his lightning breath.

The Ruined Dragon is responsible for the destruction of the city of Crumbelden, the boss of whose respective kingdom (The Ruined Kingdom) he serves as.


The Ruined Dragon is a massive purple dragon with glowing yellow eyes. His head brightly lights up while conducting electricity. He has six appendages, consisting of two hands with three claws and a thumb, two feet with three toes, and two wings with five fingers. While not much is seen of his lower body, it is shown that he is quite slender even with his sheer size and strength.


Though his past is an enigma, the brochure of Crumbleden gives speculation that the Ruined Dragon may be the one responsible for bringing ruin to the kingdom. The brochure also speculates that an altar of the kingdom was used in an attempt to communicate with or restrain the dragon for his lightning powers.

Sometime during or before the game's events, Bowser manages to either manipulate or take control of the dragon via a crown pinned to his head. When Mario and his new Bonneter friend Cappy use the Odyssey to reach Bowser's Castle, Bowser intercepts their travel, ambushing the duo while riding the Ruined Dragon, who uses his lightning powers to shoot down the Odyssey under Bowser's order, forcing it to crash land in Crumbleden.

While gathering Power Moons to repair the Odyssey, Mario and Cappy make their way to the top of a large tower, where the Ruined Dragon emerges from the clouds to engage the two. The dragon uses his electrical breath to create multiple buzzsaw-like blades to chase after Mario, before he slams his head onto the tower, creating electrical waves Mario can jump over to avoid being shocked. The dragon will then rest some seconds after the last wave. Mario must then make his way to the dragon’s head as the boss recharges his energy, pulling out the pins with Cappy to uproot the crown (Burbos emerge from where a pin was pulled), allowing Mario to Ground Pound on the dragon’s exposed head. As his health depletes, the Ruined Dragon will create more buzzsaws and different wave patterns, as well as a few more pins holding down the crown. After three hits, the Ruined Dragon is defeated and exposes a Multi Moon, enough to repair the Odyssey.

Unlike other bosses, the Ruined Dragon does not explode or leave after defeat; instead, he remains hanging on to the tower for the rest of the game. He can even be interacted with should Mario return to the tower, stating that he is "so tired" and refuses to move. A hidden Power Moon can be found by throwing Cappy at his left horn after opening the kingdom's Moon Rock after beating the game.

The dragon can be fought again using a portrait located in a pillar in the Mushroom Kingdom. While the rematch is identical to the first, his waves create a zigzag pattern that should be jumped or ducked under depending on their and Mario's positions. Also, the floor is made out of ice, making it trickier to dodge the dragon's attacks.





  • Compared to other characters in the Mario franchise, the Ruined Dragon has a much more "realistic" design compared to the cartoonish details normally used in the games.


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