My king... Long have you waited. Now, the time has come for your revenge. A Harrowing across all Runeterra! They will know fear, suffering... ruin... They will know your name!
~ Thresh to the Ruined King.

The Ruined King is an unnamed major antagonist in the League of Legends universe. The mad king responsible for the Ruination of the Blessed Isles, the Ruined King now rules over countless undead spirits as he plots his revenge on the world of Runeterra.

He is set to appear in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story as the titular main antagonist.


Long ago, the king of a long-forgotten empire lived in peace along with his wife the queen, his niece Kalista, and his army, known as the Iron Order. However, after a assassination attempt, the queen was poisoned, which made her deathly ill. After failing to expel the poison, the king sent Kalista, who was his most trusted general, to find a cure, and appointed Knight Commander Hecarim to take her place.

As the queen's condition worsened, the king was stricken with grief, and in his paranoia thought the people at the kingdom were trying to separate her from his dying spouse. The king sent Hecarim and the Iron Order to spread havoc and destruction throughout his kingdom to quell the angry dissidents in his empire. Meanwhile, a long time passed as Kalista scoured the entire world for a cure, and she learned of the Blessed Isles, a magical place with life-giving water. The citizens allowed Kalista through to their isle, and allowed her access to the Waters of Life to restore the queen to good health, on the condition that the Waters were only to be used while the queen still breathed. However, the queen died before Kalista could make it back in time, and the king further sunk into despair, sending his army to far-off lands to take revenge on the world for allowing his wife to die. When Kalista returned and announced that the cure she found was now useless, the skeptical yet furious king locked her in his dungeons as a traitor.

However, the interested Hecarim managed to get information on her experiences of the Blessed Isles, including the magical veil of pale mist that protected them, their wealth and the Waters of Life. Convincing her to lead the way to the isle under the guise of helping her uncle recover from his sorrow and rage, they were blocked by the people of the island's capital, refusing to cheat death itself. The furious king ordered Kalista to kill them, but when she refused and asked Hecarim to stand by her side, the traitorous commander and his troops betrayed her and her own group of soldiers, stabbing them with their spears. The king, unconcerned with the cold-blooded murder of his own niece, sent Hecarim to raid the treasures of the capital, Helia, as he searched for the Waters of Life to revive the queen.

But the king would not find the Waters of Life on his own. Instead, a traitorous custodian from the Blessed Isles approached the king and granted him access to the sacred waters. The king lowered his wife's dead body into the Waters, but was horrified when his beloved queen was brought back as a hideous, rotting corpse. The queen screamed and begged to be put back to her eternal rest, and obeying her wishes the king used a spell to end their lives and bind them together for all eternity. This worked, but with so many magical artifacts on the island, the spell worked too well, with the king's powers amplified a hundredfold. The resulting blast of energy decimated the island and its inhabitants, and the mist around the island was permanently corrupted into a hideous, sinister Black Mist.

The Black Mist further corrupted others, such as the escaping Hecarim (he and his horse fused and transformed into a ghastly specter, reflecting his ugly personality), Thresh (who adored the ruin and arose as a nightmarish fiend that hunt and kill the living), Kalista (who became a spirit of vengeance, summoned by those also vengeful), Maokai (the original protector of the island and its resources, now a twisted, vengeful elemental who fights against the Ruined King's men), and Yorick (a communicator with the dead, gripped by the mist with his refusal to die and now able to control the corpses of his fallen friends and seeks to destroy the Black Mist).

After the Ruination, the Blessed Isles became the Shadow Isles, forever bound to the soul of the Ruined King, who became the ruler of the restless, tormented souls. Every Harrowing, the Black Mist expands its reach across the ocean, twisting travelers into abominations that the Ruined King adds to his legions of undead. Under the Black Mist, the Ruined King has sworn vengeance against the world of the living, for if he can no longer be happy, then no one will.





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