The Ruins Test is a Varia Suit-clad Chozo warrior ghost faced by Samus Aran as a miniboss in Metroid: Zero Mission.


In a Chozodia temple, a suitless Samus Aran intercepts the ruins to find the ghost of a Chozo warrior, donned in ancient armor. After battling and defeating the phantom, Samus gains the legendary Varia Suit, a Plasma Beam to go along with it, and the various "unknown items" she collected that were incompatible with her Power Suit.

Quotes about The Ruins Test

For Samus to remain connected with the Power Suit requires mental energy unfathomable to an ordinary person. In situations like this when she is under pressure, indeed, even Samus is unable to concentrate her mental energy. However, when Samus completes the trial of the spirit of the mural (God of War), she regains her strong force of will and can successfully integrate with the Legendary Power Suit.

Only the chosen few can wear the Legendary Power Suit. Those who prevail over the trials of the spirit of the mural (God of War) can integrate it within their body.

~ Yoshio Sakamoto
When you advance to the extreme edges of the Chozo Ruins, you'll take a test that will reveal Samus's connection to the Chozo and give you the Fully Powered Suit, which turns all three unknown items into functional upgrades.
~ Metroid: Zero Mission Player's Guide


  • The Ruins Test served as inspiration for Dark Samus, the main antagonist of the Metroid Prime trilogy.


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