Rumble is the main antagonist of the television special Pixie Hollow Games, part of the Disney Fairies franchise. He is a storm-talent sparrow man.

He is voiced by Jason Dolley.


Rumble is very egotistical and arrogant. He's a four time Pixie Hollow Games champion, which only inflates his ego. While rather muscular, he proves to have a small amount of intelligence. Evidence of this can be seen when he speaks in the third person. In Pixie Hollow Games, Rumble and his partner Glimmer were going for the fifth championship ring, though Rumble desire to win caused him to cheat during the last event, using Glimmer's lightning abilities to destroy one of the wheels of competitors Rosetta and Chloe's cart. He also sings the Pixie Hollow Games anthem in his sleep.


Pixie Hollow Games

Rumble and his partner Glimmer represent the storm talent fairies and sparrow men in the games. He is very serious about the games, and wants nothing more than to win. They came in second during the first event, which made Rumble upset which caused Glimmer to have to boast his ego. During the rest of the games they came in first many times, at the last event Rumble cheated using Glimmer's lightning power to zap Rosetta and Chloe's cart wheels. Glimmer decided not to cross the finish line, which made Rosetta and Chloe win. Since both team members had to cross the finish line together in order to win.


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