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Is everyone enjoying themselves? Don't worry; I won't tell anyone with a badge.
~ Rumi Mori telling women at the casino that he won't tell the police about his dealership.
I don't give a damn. I told you ten times, our arrangement is over!
~ Rumi Mori telling the Riddler that he already ended their dealership.
I dealt with that maniac. It's true, but I was done after the first delivery. Riddler wanted more, everything he could get his hands on! He even wanted me to hand over one of my biotech companies; I said, ‘No.’
~ Rumi Mori while being interrogated by Bruce Wayne. (determinant)

Rumi Mori is a minor character in Batman: The Enemy Within. He is an arms-dealer who sold weapons to the Riddler and a former associate of his.

He is portrayed by Keone Young.


Early life

Mori was an arms dealer back in the time when Thomas Wayne, Mayor Hamilton Hill, and Carmine Falcone were controlling Cotham City, and made numerous deals with Thomas before he died. Twenty-one years later, Mori continued to operate in the weapons-dealing business and made a fortune smuggling guns during the Arab Spring, and also became the ex-CEO of the company Pipex and a key player in biotech, running another corporation named Trygen. To keep the authorities from being suspicious of him, Mori made plenty of deals in his own casino, the Virago Casino.

Many months following the dissolution of the Children of Arkham, the death of Lady Arkham, and the arrests of the Penguin and Two-Face, Mori made a dealership with the Riddler, who was thought to be long-dead but returned. Some of the shipments that the Riddler requested were a missile launcher and radio-guided homing missiles for it, which Mori did. However, when the Riddler requested that he uses one of Mori's biotech companies, Mori refused, which eventually led the two into becoming enemies.

Season One: The Enigma

While Mori gambles by playing the roulette at the Virago Casino, the Riddler arrives and openly threatens him, but Mori tells him that their deal is still off and calls security. However, the Riddler kills the guard who was about to take him away, and has his goons take all of the patrons hostage. Mori attempts to escape, but the Riddler locks the doors and has him taken to one of his torture devices. There, the Riddler has him answer his riddle if he wants to escape alive, but Mori declares him insane, so the Riddler has two of his fingers sawed off.

After the Riddler flees while fighting Batman, he attempts to kill Mori twice, both of which are stopped by Batman. Eventually, after Amanda Waller and the Agency arrive, paramedics take Mori away to stop the blood loss from having his fingers cut off while GCPD Sergeant Renee Montoya arrests the Riddler's second-in-command, Eli Knable. Following his recovery at the hospital, Waller has Mori contained in the casino and freezes his accounts, which is when he tried to arrange an escape for himself to the Caribbean.

Bruce Wayne can choose to visit either Mori as himself, or Knable as Batman. If he chooses to interrogate Mori, the latter will not give off any information about the Riddler while the Agency are watching him, so Bruce has his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, create a distraction for the Agency so he can talk to Mori about the Riddler's whereabouts. After that, Mori reveals his involvement with Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, and reveals that the Riddler attacked his casino and tortured him just for refusing to sell one of his biotech companies to him. He then offers to give Bruce the drive about where the Riddler is located, but only if he pays for his escape to the Caribbean.

If Bruce chooses to forcefully take the drive, he will strangulate Mori while telling him that the situation could've been easier for him had he just given up the drive, but Mori tells him to kill him because he won't forget that time, the two becoming enemies. Bruce then throws Mori onto the ground and takes the drive by force, and tells Alfred to find him the information he needs quickly.

If Bruce chooses to comply with his offer, he will make the transfer for Mori to escape from Gotham City to the Caribbean, and Mori is genuinely thankful that he did so, the two of them becoming allies, but not before warning Bruce that the Riddler is not to be taken lightly. After that, Bruce leaves and discovers from Alfred the Riddler's location, telling him to let Gordon know.

Regardless of whether or not Bruce helped Mori escape from Gotham City, after Tiffany Fox kills the Riddler with a poison dart, Waller will still be furious about what happened and demote Gordon from commissioner to deputy-ops, though his partnership with Batman still remains intact.


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