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I was those children's teacher!
~ Run to Champ.
Not even one of you will be allowed to escape.
~ Run

Run is the second-in-command of the Jaegers and a major character in Akame ga Kill. He is shown to be well mannered, intelligent, and capable of deductive reasoning on par with Esdeath. After his death, he became a puppet of Kurome.

He was voiced by Junji Majima in the Japanese version, and by Christopher Patton in the English version, who is perhaps best known for voicing the original Greed.


Run was calm, collected, and polite. He had never been shown to raise his voice or give in to anger, and he appeared to have been determined to make his goals a reality.  

Despite being seemingly cruel, Run was still willing to defend civilians and clearly detested Wild Hunt, hiding his anger regarding the public execution of the Imperial Fist disciples. He also was very caring to his fellow Jaegers, holding Wave back from attacking the son of the Prime Minister and being present during the mourning of the other fallen Jaegers. Run also had an undying loyalty towards Esdeath, Wave, and Kurome, as he would do everything he could to do what's best for them.


Run joined the Jaegers to kill Night Raid members, serving as Esdeath's personal aide and right-hand man, though it was suggested that he may have had ulterior motives in coming to the team. He located Dr. Stylish's secret lab under Esdeath's orders. During the "Kill the Jaegers!" arc, he was paired with Esdeath and Seryu and accompanied the other two on their mission to attack Najenda, who was later revealed to be a decoy.

He was later seen in the next confrontation between the two parties, attacking Mine, Akame, and Lubbock's Ray, shooting the group down. Shortly after the mission, he and Wave were seen mourning Bols' death. When they returned to the capital, they witnessed the mangled bodies of the Imperial Fist disciples, killed by Wild Hunt. Despite Wave's rage and his own inner anger, he held Wave back, warning him that Syura was the Prime Minister's son.

After Wave recovered from his victory against Syura in a one-on-one fist fight, Run told them about his goal to change the Empire from the inside and about his past. Formerly a teacher in a peaceful town, he returned from an errand one day to find all of his students brutally slaughtered. However, because the town wanted to keep its reputation intact, it covered up the incident rather than investigating it. Seeing this as a problem in the Empire, Run worked his way up the military (via seducing the town's mayor) in order to start changing it.

That night, Kurome intercepted him on his way out of the building, revealing that she was aware from the conversation that the culprit behind the slaughter was in Wild Hunt. Agreeing that the group brought no benefit to the Empire, they decided to work together to destroy it.

Arriving at Wild Hunt's base, Run was greeted by Cosmina who clutched his arm, smiling. Run then lured Champ out of the base as Kurome prevented Cosmina and Enshin from intervening. Run, with the help of Natala and Doya, managed to pierce Champ with multiple feathers including one in his eye. He then took out the flower, which Esdeath once said was good for torture, and inserted it into Champ's stomach, followed by a stab with a knife and a smile.

Presuming Champ to have been incapable of further combat, Run lifted Kurome up into the air away from Enshin and Cosmina, who had cornered her. However, they were then trapped in a whirlwind by Champ's elemental Teigu, with Run sustaining a lot of damage while protecting Kurome during a fire explosion. Champ then used his trump card to try to finish off Run, only to have Run's own trump card, God's Wings, deflect it back to the Wild Hunt member, obliterating him to mere bones.

Having achieved his largest goal--to avenge his students--Run fell to the ground. Cosmina ran to him, claiming that they could still have "fun", only for her to get sniped by Mine, whose arrival was prompted by Night Raid's intervention. Akame and Kurome had a short confrontation, with Akame questioning why the Jaegers were attacking Wild Hunt, as both factions belonged to the Empire. As Kurome claimed that the Jaegers would hunt down anyone who disturbed the peace, Run mused to himself happily about how she had changed since their first meeting and told himself that he could not let her die there. With his remaining strength, Run shot feathers at Night Raid and fled the scene with Kurome in tow, Night Raid commenting that he seemed as if he only retained strength to do that last bit.

Having gained enough distance from Night Raid to ensure Kurome's safe departure, Run fell, accepting his death with a smile and stating that it was divine retribution for his torturing of Champ. However, a mentally unstable Kurome rejected the thought of her comrade dying, shedding tears and appealing to the fact that both Wave and she didn't want him to "go". With that, she stabbed Run with her Teigu, Yatsufusa, who can only show a face of despair at her choice, his last thoughts questioning the extent of her warped psyche and how it meant the Empire truly needed to change. She, on the other hand, stopped crying and smiled, happy to keep her comrade "alive" even if he would never be the same again.

Run as Kurome's corpse puppet.

Even after having been turned into a corpse puppet, with black wings and no capability to feel emotion, Run still held onto his strong habits and desires, able to intervene between Kurome's and Wave's dispute, thus showing the large extent of his caring for them.

It was also revealed that Run successfully investigated the Danger Beast incident caused by Syura, which was used by Esdeath to disband Wild Hunt.

Filler Plot

After the assassination of Bolic by Night Raid, Run, along with Wave and Kurome, stayed in the Capital awaiting new orders. Run stayed behind as Kurome went to fight Akame and as Wave followed her. During Revolutionary Army's assault on the Capital, Run confronted Tatsumi, Akame and Leone in order to stop them, however, Leone distracted him letting her teammates go ahead, and the two engaged in a fight, during which Run was forced to activate Mastema's trump card against her. They were interrupted by the appearance of Shikoutazer, which Run recognized as the "legendary Teigu". Both he and Leone went out to the city to rescue civilians. After Shikoutazer's destruction, Run helped an injured Wave to move and the two witnessed Esdeath's death. Later after the Revolutionary Army's victory and the rebuilding of the country, they visited Kurome's grave, both promising to help the new Empire in their own different ways - with Run meaning to protect the government from the inside - while also playfully commenting about Tatsumi running away from Esdeath again in the afterlife. This is all non-canon in the story.



Run was essentially Esdeath's second-in-command; she would often leave important and delicate tasks to him. He was highly loyal to her and followed her orders without question; however, Run initially thought that Esdeath, while powerful, was "scum" due to her sadistic nature and allegiance with the Prime Minister; he changed his mind after the General fell in love with Tatsumi, instead considering her to be "interesting".


While not much of it was seen, Run and Wave seemed to have formed a somewhat good friendship. Run comforted Wave after Bols' death, and they were seen hanging out together outside of work; Run also showed concern for Wave's health after the latter's fight with Syura, and later revealed his past to him and Kurome. Run's last words to Kurome were also about Wave, wishing for him to always remain his "kind self".


Run, Kurome and Wave were seen hanging out together a few times, and Run was shown to care about Kurome's well-being, saving her life and protecting her during their battle against Wild Hunt members. When Run was about to die, Kurome turns him into her corpse puppet using her Teigu out of fear of losing another one of her comrades. Run, while he cared for her, was horrified by the fact that The Empire had caused such a young girl to become so mentally unstable.

Abilities and Skills

Teigu Mastema

Run's Teigu is called "Soaring for Thousands of Miles: Mastema". Its basic skill gives Run a pair of wings that allow him to fly and unleash piercing feathers to strike foes. It also has a trump card, which allows him to reflect attacks.

He is shown to very fast, being able to keep pace with Esdeath's initial attacks when she comes to test the Jaegers.


  • Mastema may be a reference to "The Book of Jubilees". It was the name of a fallen angel that lead an army of demons born from the union of other fallen angels and human women. Mastema is also one of the names given to Satan.
  • "Mastema" may be a reference to the Hebrew word, "mastemamah". With 3 main meanings being: Hate, Hostility and Obsession.
  • He is never seen without a book in his hand.
  • Run internally mentions having an ulterior goal of working with the Jaegers: He wants to change the empire from the inside.
  • Run is one of few characters to die in the manga, but not in the anime.


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