Runabout and Runamuck are two minor antagonists in the Transformers franchise, especially Generation One. They form the Battlechargers Decepticon sub-group.

Generation One cartoon

Runamuck has a small appearance in the third season episode "Chaos", riding Astrotrain and utilising the Decepticons' newly-discovered death crystal weapons. The Battlechargers' only full appearance was in "Ghosts in the Machine" where they, along with Dirge and Thrust, failed to prevent Scourge and Starscream's ghost from stealing one of Trypticon's eyes. Hiding from the wrath of Galvatron, they were left trapped inside Trypticon when Starscream stole it but managed to disable the giant robot and foil his plan to connect it to Unicron.

They were voiced by the late Roger Behr.

Marvel Comics

The Battlechargers were among the reinforcements brought to Earth by Megatron introduced in US #23. They were told to challenge Optimus Prime to a duel but preferred to instead go on the rampage across the country, defacing several famous monuments with graffiti. This brought them into conflict with Circuit Breaker, who attacked them with a giant robot made up from captive Autobots as they defaced the Statue of Liberty. The Battlechargers were defeated by the colossus and left deactivated as they crashed into the water.

The pair eventually returned as part of Shockwave's rebel Decepticon army, with which he planned to wrest control of the Earth Decepticons from Scorponok. Together, they attacked Scorponok's base but the rebellion didn't last long thanks to the intervention of the Autobots and all the Earth Transformers being transported to Cybertron to defend it from Unicron. Runamuck was killed during the battle. Runabout survived, only to be killed the following morning by a Cybertronian demon released during the battle.

Marvel UK's Earthforce storyline offered an alternate timeline in which Runabout and Runamuck also joined up with Shockwave. During one early battle, Runabout almost killed Grimlock with a neutron cannon, only to be tricked into taking a step back to avoid being caught in the blast and falling off a cliff. They later battled the Stunticons Drag Strip and Dead End for possession of Megatron's global warming device, unaware it had already been rendered inert by Prowl. After the two Decepticon factions were united under the command of Soundwave and Starscream, Runabout and Runamuck joined Soundwave in a diversionary attack on the Autobot base while Starscream tried to hijack an oil tanker.


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