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Ruri is a bug youkai and the shikigami of a long-forgotten master that not even she remembers. She's the Stage 3 boss of the Touhou Project fangame, Riverbed Soul Saver.

Her most notorious traits are that she dangles upside-down and that her right leg is completely covered in seals. Her name and some of the names of her spell cards suggest she is based off, or even has some connection to Rlim Shaikorth of Cthulhu mythos.


She is capable of freezing anything with her powers. In spell card battles she specializes in firing snowflake-shaped beams, freezing her own bullets, summoning bugs and turning them into dark energy.



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  • Her name is from Japanese Declaration of Rlim Shaikorth (ルリム・シャイコース Rurimu Shaikosu). Also, Ruri is the Japanese word for Lapis Lazuli.
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