Rushu is the main antagonist until the middle of the second season from the animated French series Wakfu (for which Qilby takes the role of main antagonist completely). He is the tyrannical king of the demons and the Fab'hugruta realm. He has always aspired to enter the pantheon of gods. He accuses Sacrier of having taken his place. It was he who pushed the arrival of Djaul as protector of Desiember, and the creation of this month.

He was voiced by the late Marc Alfos in the French version, and Jimmy Hibbert in the English version.


As Rushu is more often mentioned in relation to his servants than shown in the media, his personality isn't entirely defined. His thirst for power and destruction is unquestionable, and his natural propensity for evil in general is no surprise. His involvement in the second season of the animated series does not depict him as being particularly clever, although he is constantly plotting to take over the World of Twelve.


Rushu seems to be like a colossal demon with brown skin, orange eyes, eyebrows and a long red beard, he has two gigantic horns and pools of lava go through them, as for his physical, is quite corpulent, highlighting a muscular amount in his arms, behind their shoulders near the back, they detail some rocky and dark points. Wearing a toga to get dressed, fastened to a skull-shaped belt.

During his second invasion, Rushu will have to face Goultard. This adversary being particularly tough, he is obliged to deploy all his power by resuming his normal appearance. Revealing that its true form is that of a tall being, blue with tentacles and a yellow eye.


Past Story

Rushu was the oldest of the demons. He began his career with a demonic coup: He decides to kill all his brothers and sisters. Since then he was master and lord of the Fab'hugruta, the demonic plan, that reigns with an iron hand (red) wrapped in a steel glove (with spikes). All who have horns have bad breath and bad faith. But being the king of the Fab'huritus is not enough: He wanted to conquer the universe, and to become bigger than the gods.

In the Dofus Art Book Session 2, everybody discovered that Rushu has been eyeing the World of Twelve since its inception. The twelve major gods who witnessed the birth of this world had taken care to leave Rushu alone. But the latter did not like to be sidelined so when Xelor, the god of time, created the Clock of the Seasons, Rushu forcibly introduced a twelfth month: the month of Descendre, that of the demons. He has entrusted the demon Djaul with this month's guard, making him the only Shushu allowed to stay in this world.

Brakmar Founder

Rushu saw that the temples dedicated to the worship of each of the twelve major gods continued to grow. The number of worshipers was increasing day by day, and Rushu felt quickly aggrieved. Being a demon, he could not create a worship dedicated to his person, so he ordered Djaul to build Brâkmar, a city in his honor. This city was to be the embodiment of vice. Djaul set to work creating a city whose size and reputation could rival that of Bonta, the city of lights.

The rivalry that existed between the two cities degenerated into a war known as the Purple Aurora. These events are reported from Volume 6 to Volume 12 of the Dofus manga. This war will even involve Arty and Goultard. The fight will end with Brâkmar's victory. However, as this conflict involved the guardians of the different months of the year (supernatural entities) it ended up tearing the fabric of time.

Rushu encountered again with Goultar.

Lethaline Sigisbul informed the Midnight Demoness of what was happening. The situation totally exceeding it, the Midnight Demon had to call the god Xelor to the rescue. The latter intervened and put things exactly back to where they were before the fight. The dead have risen and the buildings have been rebuilt by magic. For Djaul and Rushu, it is a bitter failure.

Present Days

The Message

When everything was in place, Rubilax entered into inter-dimensional communication with Rushu to share his plan, but instead of congratulating him, Rushu treated him with contempt. Doubtful of his leadership abilities (considering that he saved a human) Rushu then entrusted the conquest of the world to Shushu Umbridge. Rushu did not measure the situation very well because in doing so he pushed Rubilax to rebel against him. Indeed, Rubilax has not agreed to be treated.

Crossing World

In episode 36, Rubilax will be captured by Anathar who will take him back to Rushu's world. Things will go sour for poor Rubilax because Rushu intends to set an example by publicly executing it. Fortunately, Tristepin and Yugo came to his rescue along with Remington who followed them to save his brother Grany who was trained with Rubilaxlike this and especially to leave the merit of his project to someone else.

When Rushu sees Grany, we discover with astonishment that he has a panic fear of Meow-Meows (cat). This funny will allow Rubilax to pull himself together and ask for the Rushu, that is, die in the arena fighting a horde of Pyrashus.

The fight is uneven, but thanks to a happy combination of circumstances, they will manage to flee and return to their world to the great despair of Rushu.

Meeting and Deal

Goultar and Rushu fighting.

So many things to destroy w'ere gonna have a lot of fun¡
~ Rushu speak with Qilby.

So whenQilby offers him help to return to the World of Twelve, Rushu does not hesitate a second, when he reaches the Purple Claw archipelago, his dream is finally fulfilled. He therefore proposes to him to open a dimensional portal between the world of Shushus and that of the humans in exchange of which Rushu promises to help him to fight Phaéris.

Once again leading his army through a portal, the lord of the Shustuft Crust finds himself confronted by Goultard for the second time. This time, the demi-god is in full control of himself, but even more unexpected is the fact that he has taken over the role of Iop god.

Despite his considerable power, Rushu is no match for the "Warrior God" and calls all of his Shushus to him, absorbing them to increase his own power and even the odds. This opponent being particularly tough, he is forced to deploy all his power by resuming his normal appearance. We discover then that he is actually as big as a human. Rubilax explains that his giant appearance serves only to impress his opponents. While the outcome of their fight is uncertain, Goultard manages to send Rushu back through the portal right before it shuts, thereby repelling the entire invasion as practically all Shushus were inside the demon lord's body.

In the final credits for season 2, the new Iop and Rushu are shown fighting for what is assumed to be a fairly long time.  

Other Appearances

Dofus Game

Rushu is a Demon Lord who dreams to equal the gods. He managed to impose Djaul, his henchman, as the protector of Descendre. He's jealous of the goddess Sacrier and accuses her of stealing his well-deserved place among the gods.
~ Description

Is seen as one of the main enemies, appearing only in photographs because despite not having had a physical appearance, his role and history are very important in the game, so that his servants will be present in his reign.

Dofus Comics

Rushu comic.png

In volume 8 one discovers that Rushu had the opportunity to invade the World of the Twelve thanks to two humans who managed to open a dimensional portal. The twins Karibd and Silar saw their parents killed unjustly by the royal family, and then humiliated and beaten up by their villagers. They hoped that by opening this portal to the world of shushs, the latter would invade and kill all those who had abused them. Unfortunately, on arriving in front of Rushu, they are very disappointed because the only thing Rushu wants to do is kill them by crunching them, they find it too fast, not cruel enough and without any refinement.

Rushu is ultimately far below his reputation. The two brothers realize that they have spent their life building a diabolical project and that everything falls into the water because Rushu is not worth much as a demon. Now they want only one thing: to finish quickly with life.

Wakfu OVA'S

Rushu k.o.png

Once the portal was closed, Goultard stayed to face Rushu. Their struggle lasted several years, but in the end, in episode 2 of the 2014 FVO series, everybody see that Rushu finished in carpet under Goultard's feet. With this visual alone, it is difficult to know if he is KO or if he is dead. Even though he was not dead because of Goultard, it is likely that the Dragon Mount that crashed on his palace will have completed it.





  • Rushu has have some similarities to The King Mighty One-Eye.
    • Both are monarch demons who run their own world and army of infernal creatures.
    • Both took great part of antagonistic paper in the fantasy histories, until the end and these they survived the last battle being defeated, whereas the true main villains die or end up in worse conditions ,as it is in the case of Zigzag and Qilby.
    • Both demons make a deal with the main villains who have knowledge about magic and science ,Reaching the point of making deals to govern or conquer realms.
  • Is one more giant-size and brute strong villains in Wakfu, along with Ogrest.


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