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~ Russell answering by faking his name to Nate (determined).
Shut this guy up! I can't take anymore of this.
~ Russell ordering Nate to shut them up (determined).
You should get going, Bill don't like idle hands.
~ Russell when he sees Clementine running to the comic store (determined).

Russell is one of the protagonist villains from the DLC The Walking Dead: 400 Days, and late an antagonist in The Walking Dead: Season 2.

He was first seen walking home when he see he's lost and he heard a truck but decide not to hide himself. The conductor of the truck sees him and tell him his name. The player can invent his name by trash talking, and can can make Russell refuse to go in the truck or get in, but same if he refuse to enter Nate's truck nothing change he ambushed by walkers and finally get in Nate truck. At the gas station when someone  shoot at them Russell can decide to shoot at them that make him a gunmen. He can also decide if he can let Nate kill the old couple but before he can speak Nate shoot the couple front of him and let him in state of shock. He can decide if he follow Tavia or not. if he follow her he can be seen in the season 2 when Clementine is accidentally running into him when he's guard and told her to do what she have to do. But after his fate is unknown when the walkers invaded the hardware.

Villainous Acts

  • Decide to shoot the men who shoot at them a the gas station.
  • Let Nate kill the couple.



  • He's one of the protagonists in 400 Days, but have more villainous potential than most of the others.
  • In Season Two of Telltale's game The Walking Dead, he is (determinately) a guard of William Carver.


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