No more talking! Get yourself a spine, man. It's only for a couple of days. So you might lose a year off your life, it won't kill you
~ Britva to Vassikin

The Russian mafia are the secondary antagonists of Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. They are a criminal organization operating out of Russia. They tried to gain more power and wealth after the fall of the Soviet Union.


The Fowl Star

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Artemis Fowl I wanted to open business pipelines into Russia, He invested in a large shipment of Cola to smuggle into Russia. The mafia didn't like a foreign businessman trying to take over their territory, so sent a missile to blow up the Fowl Star, killing most of the passangers.

Since the missile was slightly off target, Mikhael Vassikin and Kamar had to spend hours in the arctic, searching for survivors, They found Artemis I, who was barely alive, and decided to take him hostage.

Under the orders of Mr. Britva, they nursed him back to health. Once they knew he was going to survive, they sent a ransom demand to Artemis Fowl II.

The Ransom Exchange

Vassikin and Kamar were very irritated by Artemis I, who made obnoxious demands from them, but they were forced to watch over them until the exchange took place. Around the time of the meeting, Kamar and Vassikin were ordered to take Artemis I onto a ship for the ransom exchangem even thought the area was filled with dangerous radiation. They took Artemis I onto the ship, waiting for Artemis II to bring them the money. They intended to kill both father and son once they got the money. 

Artemis was working with the LEP to rescue his father. He made contact with Vassikin, then pretended to shoot his father, who fell into the ocean. Holly was forced to dive into the freezing ocean to rescue him. Artemis tricked the mobsters into thinking he would give them money, which caused them to sail away. 


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