A monster that can overcome a Mobile Armor singlehandedly can hardly be called human anymore. But there are appropriate ways of putting down such a dangerous beast. Dainsleif team, fire!
~ Rustal Elion ordering a Dainsleif barrage on Mikazuki Augus in Gundam Barbatos.

Rustal Elion is a member of the Seven Stars serving as the commander of Gjallarhorn's largest fleet, the Arianrhod Fleet, and the main antagonist of Season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

The head of Gjallarhorn's Elion Family, Rustal holds considerable sway over the Seven Stars of Gjallarhorn. He believes Gjallarhorn is necessary as a peacekeeping organization to maintain order in the world and is the main opponent of McGillis Fareed's plans to reform Gjallarhorn.

He is voiced by Tōru Ōkawa in the original Japanese version, who also voiced Deboth in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, and by Ray Chase in the English dub.


Two years following McGillis' induction into the Seven Stars of Gjallarhorn, Rustal was seen at a meeting of the Seven Stars where McGillis requested to be given influence over Gjallarhorn's Mars Branch. Rustal pushed back against McGillis' endeavor to acquire more power, opposing the reforms he would bring to Gjallarhorn.

To prevent McGillis from gaining any more sway over Mars, Rustal had the Arianrhod Fleet interfere in the battle between McGillis' forces and the space pirate group Dawn Horizon Corps, and sent his pilots Julieta Juris and Iok Kujan to capture the Dawn Horizon Corps' leader Sandoval Reuters. However, McGillis' allies the Tekkadan managed to beat Rustal's forces to Sandoval and capture him.

Later, to undermine McGillis' public image, Rustal decided to arrange a proxy war in McGillis' sphere of influence through his agent Galan Mossa, first by planting a bomb to assassinate Arbrau Prime Minister Togonosuke Makanai. While the bomb failed to kill Makanai, it left both him and Tekkadan Earth Branch leader Chad Chadan hospitalized and in comas. Galan, who had infiltrated the Arbrau military, then convinced the Earth Branch's acting leader Takaki Uno to follow his orders and wage a guerrilla war against McGillis' Gjallarhorn forces. However, Rustal's plan was thwarted about a month into the proxy war when McGillis unexpectedly entered the fighting to put down the rogue Tekkadan forces and the main Tekkadan forces arrived from Mars to resume command of the Earth Branch. Tekkadan then tracked down Galan's mercenary army and defeated them, though Galan killed himself by blowing up his mobile suit to prevent Tekkadan and McGillis from learning about Rustal's role in the plot, though they nevertheless still suspected him. Though his plan was a failure, it did force Tekkadan to dissolve their Earth Branch and consolidate it into their main forces.

After Iok Kujan received information from a mole within Teiwaz that McGillis was traveling to Mars in order to inspect what is believed to be a mobile armor discovered by Tekkadan, Rustal sent Iok and his team to investigate the matter. After Iok's forces failed to report in due to accidentally awakening the Mobile Armor, Rustal sent Julietta and Vidar down to Mars to see what was happening. Following the incident, Rustal returned to Earth to attend a Seven Stars meeting discussing it. While Iok attempted to claim McGillis had tried to use the Mobile Armor to claim the Order of the Seven Stars, due to Iok's incompetence in the incident, Rustal was forced to accept McGillis' account of what happened. After the meeting ended, Rustal chastised Iok for his recklessness and blunders in handling the investigation. Julietta then requests to be the test pilot for the fleet's new mobile suit, to which Rustal agrees, though he states that she does not need tremendous strength in order to help him, as he has more important plans for her.

After discovering that Iok had attacked the Turbines with Dainsleifs without his permission, Rustal made a deal with McMurdo Barristan, head of Teiwaz, not to speak of the incident in exchange for having Iok sever his ties with Teiwaz's traitorous underboss Jasley Donomikals and not aid him in his battle against Tekkadan.

Later, after obtaining enough evidence of Rustal's crimes and the unsavory actions being undertaken by Gjallarhorn, McGillis launched a coup against the Gjallarhorn leadership and broadcasted a televised speech in which his subordinate Liza Enza further exposed Gjallarhorn's corruption to the world and Rustal's underhanded political plays. Though McGillis had captured the Seven Stars and gotten the Gundam Bael, which had once been piloted by Gjallarhorn's founder Agnika Kaieru, to accept him as its pilot, Rustal and his Arianrhod Fleet refused to submit to McGillis' claim for leadership and gave a speech vowing to suppress "the traitor" McGillis' rebellion. Besides Iok who sided with Rustal, the other Seven Stars chose to remain neutral in the matter and did not lend their ground forces to either side. Meeting McGillis' Revolutionary Fleet and Tekkadan in open battle in space, Rustal had a spy he planted in McGillis' forces use a Dainsleif before committing suicide so the Arianrhod Fleet could justify using the forbidden weapon against McGillis' fleet. Despite initially gaining the advantage thanks to his vast number of Dainsleifs, Tekkadan and McGillis' forces came narrowly close to winning by having one of their pilots fire a Dainsleif-like weapon at the bridge of Rustal's flagship. However, due to a last second intervention by Julieta of the Arianrhod Fleet, the weapon was knocked off course and Rustal survived. Rustal's forces then pushed back the Revolutionary Fleet and Tekkadan, who retreated to Mars to continue the fight.

Despite Rustal's alliance with the new leader of the Mars Branch, McGillis' Revolutionary Fleet and Tekkadan were granted permission to land on Mars by him personally. Rustal and the Arianrhod Fleet moved to Mars to finally crush McGillis' uprising and do away with Tekkadan. To bolster his fleet's claim of legitimacy, Rustal had his ally billionaire Nobliss Gordon use his connections with the media to fabricate stories painting Tekkadan as a terrorist organization. The leader of Tekkadan, Orga Itsuka, managed to get in touch with Rustal through McMurdo and attempted to make a deal with him to let the members of Tekkadan go free, offering to hand him McGillis and even give his own life by offering himself up as a scapegoat if his men could get away safe and sound. However, Rustal refused Orga's request and proclaimed that, in order for Gjallarhorn to fully be recognized as the keepers of peace and for the conflict to end, Tekkadan would have to be completely destroyed along with all of its members.

Nevertheless, despite Orga later being assassinated by men sent by Nobliss, the members of Tekkadan fought on and held off the Arianrhod Fleet long enough for most of their crew to evacuate their Mars base through its underground tunnels. Though Tekkadan pilots Mikazuki Augus and Akihiro Altland, they dealt significant damage to the forces of the Arianrhod Fleet and even managed to kill Iok Kujan, ending the Kujan line.

After the McGillis uprising ended with McGillis' death and the destruction of Tekkadan, Rustal used the imbalance in the Seven Stars created by Iok's death to usurp the council. Though Gjallarhorn had become seen as legitimate thanks to putting down McGillis and Tekkadan, their corruption had still been exposed and thus Rustal reformed Gjallarhorn into a more democratic system, doing away with the corrupt Seven Stars and placing himself as the sole head of a new more egalitarian Gjallarhorn. Rustal is last seen co-signing a bill with Mars President Kudelia Aina Bernstein outlawing "human debris", the use of outer colony children as soldiers.





  • He is ranked 6th in Watchmojo's Top Ten Anime Characters Who Got Away with it All and 5th in Watchmojo's Top Ten Anime Characters Who Deserve Death.


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