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C'mon Mikey, I didn't do nothing! (Joseph: Yeah, a poor kid committed suicide up here 'cause of you.) C'mon, you f**king know me!
~ Rusty Irish begging for his life.

Rusty Irish is a minor antagonist in season one of The Sopranos, only appearing in the episode "Pax Romana".

He was portrayed by Christopher J. Quinn.


In the episode "Pax Romana, Junior Sopranos goes to a friend of his to get a suit tailored and during their conversation, he starts crying. When Junior asks what's wrong, he tells Junior that his grandson Dominic had committed suicide after taking drugs that were sold to him by a man called Rusty Irish, an associate of the Barese Crew as well as a member of the DiMeo crime family. This angers Junior so much, he puts out a hit on the him.

Sometime later, Rusty Irish was eventually caught by Mikey Palmice and Joseph Marino who take him to the very same bridge Dominic had jumped from. Mikey mocks Rusty, telling him that after they throw him over if he manages to fly away, he won't shoot Rusty down. Mikey and Joseph then throw him over the railing and Rusty Irish falls into the rock covered water below.

As they leave, Mikey bribes several men who witnessed the crime to tell the police that Rusty had also committed suicide for the guilt of accidentally killing a child.


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