Rusty Pete is a minion and sidekick to Captain Slag and a character in the Ratchet & Clank series.


Like Slag and the rest of the space pirates, he was created by Percival Tachyon, but he abandoned them.

Although a villain, he appears to be incompetent and comedic.

He appears alongside Slag and they tried to stop Ratchet, Clank, and Talwyn from escaping, but failed. Then when Ratchet & Clank had the dimensionator and threaten to kill Clank, if Ratchet will not hand over the dimensionator.

He did and then the space pirates ran off, then later Slag fought the duo and after his defeat, Rusty Pete gave him an emotion mourn for Slag, then declared Ratchet the captain due to the pirate. Rusty Pete played an important pole in Quest for Booty, adding Ratchet & Talwyn to look for Darkwater, then revives Slag and place him on a Stick calling it "Slag on a Stick" and accompanies Ratchet to Darkwater's body and revives Slag with betraying Ratchet. He also gives Ratchet a new equipment suit to show no hard feelings, and later in the final battle after Slag-Darkwater is defeated, Pete runs in to save Slag.

After Slag became a head again, the two swam on a plank to find Slag a new body. In A Crack in Time, the duo would star in Qwark's film My Balster Runs Hot, as well as Pete opening a school of pirates.

In All 4 One, Rusty Pete was mentioned as he opened a Burger restaurant before it was destroyed by the Z'Grute.


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