Rusty Ringtail

Rusty Ringtail

Rusty Ringtail (also known as Rusty) is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Wild Wheels".

He was voiced by Jason Marsden.


Rusty Ringtail is a gray raccoon who is careless and inattentive in roller-skating, as he does not wear safety gear (a cap does not count). He also bumps into others, and he can't be persuaded by Ranger Burble to play it safe no matter what. He is a foil to Burble because they both grew up on the streets, but they went in different directions (as Burble learned common sense and Rusty did not, and instead kept choosing to be reckless).

His henchmen are a wolf named Chili Dog and a rat named Snarf.

Additionally, he plans on getting rid of the Danger Rangers, so he can ride up the Statue of Liberty. He is against helmets and elbow and knee pads because they "slow him down". He never lets his gang wear any for the same reason either. When Burble shows up, Rusty pretends to want a second chance and feel like nobody has ever cared for him, so he can have Chili Dog and Ringtail trap Burble in a big metal box.

When the Danger Rangers try to help Burble, Rusty uses a crane to trap their hovercraft (and therefore them). However, thanks to Ranger Burt's newly installed features, specifically a super titanium drill, they break through and free Burble.

Eventually, Rusty attempts to evade Burble, absolutely including going into a manhole and turning on a water system line to drown Burble, but to no avail.

Once Rusty crashes into a park, he and his gang are taken to a hospital.

Rusty and his gang make an appearance in the "False Alarms" music video which is used in "Fires and Liars" and again in "Kitty's Surprise Party".


  • He is Jason Marsden's only Danger Rangers character to be a villain.


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