Aah, yummy! Fresh meat for my pot!
~ Rusty Walrus's most famous line just before he chases Crash.

Rusty Walrus is a walrus who worked on Dr. N. Gin's battleship in Crash Twinsanity. He is a chef who chases Crash around the ship because he wants to turn him into a meal.

Crash Twinsanity

Rusty walrus

Rusty Walrus.

Not much is known about Rusty. What is known is that he is a chef under the employ of Dr. N. Gin (as depicted from his apron). After the fight between Crash and N. Gin, Crash falls to the ship and ends up in Rusty's kitchen. Rusty appears from another room, sees Crash and says, "Ah yummy, fresh meat for my pot!", and starts chasing after Crash. The chase has the same style as the traditional boulder dash levels of previous games. Rusty is surprisingly immune to every single obstacle and hole during the chase. He has also superhuman strength. After the chase, Crash escapes.

It is unknown what became of him after N. Gin accidentally set off the major TNT explosion at the ship, but since he was immune to the nitro crates, he was probably immune to the TNT's explosion as well. Actually, on the High Sea High Jinks level gallery Crash is shown falling through a hole in the floor and landing in Rusty's pot. He does not feature as a character in any other games in the Crash series. However, he would have appeared in Twinsanity's cancelled sequel in a cooking show, where he would have chased Crash again. Also, Rusty was going to be in the removed Wumpa Island level where he would have had to climb the Uka Tree and N. Gin would have launched missiles against Nina Cortex.


Rusty Walrus is a giant blue walrus who wears a chef's hat and apron.


  • Rusty's theme music is a capella version of the Hebrides Overture.
  • He was originally going to be a boss, but this was cut from the final version of the game.


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