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They never told us her name. What his men made us do to that woman, he is now going to do to all the Setibi.
~ Ruwe admitting that he raped and killed the woman.

Ruwe is a supporting character in the House, M.D. episode "The Tyrant". He is a former member of President Dibala's Youth Labor League who is wracked with remorse over his forced participation in genocide and tries to kill Dibala as a result.

He was portrayed by Garikayi Mutambirwa.


While genocidal African dictator President Dibala is being treated at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, Ruwe convinces Dr. Robert Chase to see him by pretending to be a patient and begs him to make sure that Dibala never recovers. He compares Dibala and his treatment of the Setibi minority in his country to the Rwandan genocide and tells Chase that his wife was raped and murdered by Dibala's Youth Labor League. Chase apologizes and leaves.

Later, Ruwe dresses as an orderly to sneak into Dibala's room and tries to shoot him. Both his shots miss and he is restrained and violently beaten by the president's aide until Chase intervenes.

Afterwards, the injured Ruwe is treated by Chase and told that he will get a reduced sentence because of what happened to his wife. A tearful Ruwe admits that the woman was not his wife, but he was in fact a member of the Youth League who was forced to rape the woman before watching her be killed. He tells Chase that Dibala is planning a genocide before being presumably arrested. This would later prompt Chase to kill Dibala to prevent the genocide.



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