She has nine marshmallows and I only have seven!!
~ Ryan Anderson wanting to kill his sister for having more marshmallows in her hot chocolate then he does in his.

Ryan Anderson is the main antagonist of the Angel episode "I've Got You Under My Skin". Although a one-shot villain he was fairly unique among the Angel villains in that not only was he human (at least in appearance) but he was also a teenager.


Ryan Anderson was a young boy who was "possessed" by a demon. His parents called on Angel Investigations to aid their son and they did so - during this exorcism the group were convinced that Ryan was an innocent child under threat from a malevolent force and fought to get rid of the evil within him.

However when the group finally tracked down the demon they felt responsible for the possession they found out the disturbing truth: the demon had actually been the prisoner and was actually glad to be free from Ryan, whom it claimed was a ruthless psychopath even way before the demon possessed him.

The demon's words proved to be true when Ryan complains to his parents that his younger sister has more marshmallows in her cocoa than he does; when they think nothing of it, he decides to exact his own justice - namely locking his parents in their room while setting his sister's room on fire, standing in the hall to watch as the terrified girl awoke to a room full of flames. However, this failed however when Angel literally smashed into the girl's room (via a window) and rescued her from the flames, along with the rest of the family - including Ryan (who showed no emotion over what he had done).

In the aftermath of the event, Ryan is seen being taken away by Social Services for evaluation - his father thanks Angel for saving his family and asks if their is anything that can be done for Ryan, Angel unfortunately can't answer the question and the episode ends.

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